“Progressive” sounds way cooler than “Cooperative Redistributionist Utopian”

It’s baaaack…. Call it European Socialism, Marxism, Communism whatever it is it’s currently wrapped up in the convenient bundle that is US “Progressivism”.

As “Progressivism” is really a means to and end focusing on the end is critically important.
So what is the end goal or vision of Progressivism?

  • It’s an idyllic communal construct where there are no rich (except the ‘acceptable’ rich’), there are no poor, where no goes hungry or wants for anything.
  • It’s where everyone makes a ‘living wage’, where work – ‘good jobs’ – is abundant but no one needs work who doesn’t want to.
  • It’s where anyone can sustain themselves at Community expense if they are “improving” themselves via education or self study .
  • It’s where iPods, iPhones and other technological conveniences are not done so to the detriment of the environment.
  • It’s where the “Government” is the benevolent rubber bumper of life preventing us from getting hurt on all of those sharp corners.
  • It’s where everyone is a ”Global Citizen” able to do anything they like as long as it doesn’t invade the personal space of others.

It’s a Progressive La la land - soft corners, happy endings and simple life lessons.
In reality it’s more sinister, limiting and, well, oppressive.

I’ll refer to it by it’s real name – “Cooperative Redistributionist Utopianism”  or CRU for short.

In reality it’s where:

  • The ‘acceptable rich’ comprise  75% of the Forbes Top 20, favorable companies (like Apple, GE), Hollywood elite, Lawyers, etc.
    The level of ‘poor’ is growing yearly, EBT cards stave off hunger and schools provide sustenance to all.
  • Government subsidy replaces wages due to unavailable, unacceptable or undesirable work.
    Thousands give up looking for work in historical numbers while politicians trumpet saving the economy.
  • “Education” is a primary focus even when the topic of study has no redeeming social or economic value.
    People can ‘drop out’, not work, still have access to modern conveniences and never be forced to work.
  • A totally monopolistic vertically integrated boutique company can charge outrageous prices and increase it’s worth - while still maintaining it’s Robin Hood appeal.
    All technology is plastic and heavy metal free, made by unicorns and fuzzy bunnies – not by drilling, pumping, mining and consuming. Right.
  • Government is never too big to help everyone who ‘needs’ it.
    Which is everyone.
  • We don’t rule the world from America but want to tell everyone how to live their lives while ignoring the foundation of ours.
    Anyone can do anything they like as long as they are truly tolerant and not ‘offending’ someone.

It’s where ignorance is truly bliss and charismatic leadership without measurable results – even in the face of abject failure – will not cause the ”People” to change their course.

It’s a shame that a Country whose foundation was built on opportunity and limited Government now defends endless institutional subsidy and limitless Government intrusion and expansion.

Da Comrade, while Progressives – Cooperative Redistributionist Utopians – become King makers and we all become the enlightened masses, er middle class, whose freedoms, rights and liberties are slowly being eroded?
You guessed it – everyone.

And it all happened while you were sleeping.

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