Time to Pushback- Add the Balanced Budget Amendment

    Republicans are on the defensive, to confirm just look at “Plan B”. When was the last time Republicans even considered voting for tax increases? Oh yeah, 1990, and we all know how well that turned out for Republicans.  How do we go back on offense? Simple, pass the balanced budget amendment. Here’s why. 1. Republicans, even with “plan B” are the anti-tax party, and are | Read More »

    A quick look at 60 votes

    It seems everywhere in the news you read that now that the Democrats do not have 60 votes in the Senate, something is wrong with Washington. Here is a simple question. When was the last time Republicans had 60 votes in the Senate? You have to go back to 1907-1909, during the last term of TR for the Republicans to have had 60 votes (they | Read More »

    Unconsciously, Obama Does Not Like Flyover Country

    Unconsciously, Barack Obama does not like flyover country. Obama is trying to act like he will contest traditional republican states, and is spending money on those red states. Yet, in the end, Obama does not even like flyover country. How do I know? Look at any of the Obama campaign material. In every ad or campaign material, there is a circle. The bottom half of | Read More »