The Hobby Lobby ruling reveals the Left’s true “religion”


In regard to these, they think it strange that you don’t run with them in the same flood of dissipation, speaking evil of you.

~1 Peter 4:4


You know what I think?  I think Supreme Court rulings are controlled by tissue firms in order to sell Kleenex to chronic snivelers.  The meltdown in leftist circles concerning Hobby Lobby v. Totalitarians from Chicago was predictable, but it won’t hide conspiracy.  The arrangement is real, so I’ll simply state: 1) that I’m on to it and 2) that I witnessed head-spinning craziness beyond compare, starting with Donna Brazile, who last left the Beltway to attend Stalin’s funeral.  Donna is to Washington what barnacles are to ships, an ineradicable presence, who, in the pain of the moment, tweeted:

#SCOTUS on #HobbyLobby is wrong!  Your Boss will now get in your personal business.  I’ve lost faith in the Supreme Court. 

Oh my…. Because SCOTUS says Uncle Sam can’t force firms to subsidize abortifacients means YOUR BOSS – implying ALL bosses – will trash your privacy?

Earth to Donna—what is “personal business”?  Or are you hesitant to extrapolate because the ruling has NOTHING to do with “personal business” and everything to do with upholding religious rights? Every boss has been on pins and needles, waiting to release their inner-Fascist? REALLY?

Hon, I realize truth is hard, but, please, “faith”-crash notwithstanding (have you looked under the couch?), some people LIVE faith, PRACTICE it on their knees and, when coerced by government, open their Constitution.  You worked for Al Gore, who must’ve preached this!  Where is he?  I expected a monumental rant on the correlation between Hobby Lobby and the disappearance of Greenland. Instead, I got “religious expert,” J.J. Fugelsang, who tweeted:

The Supreme Court #HobbyLobby ruling proves once again that Scalia Law is a lot like Sharia Law.


Nothing like the conflation of Islamo-fascist zealotry and a judicial ruling that upholds the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (signed by Bill Clinton) to obliterate Common Sense.  The mind numbs, the skull pings—but who wants to defend truth when the cost may be rhyme?  Scalia Law refers to Justice Antonin Scalia, who, speaking for the majority (I paraphrase), wrote: Idiots incapable of grasping the difference between prohibiting Federales from FORCING people to pay for abortion-drugs and the BANNING of contraception – i.e., forbidding the purchase of condoms – is an alien from planet Zitseff and should be hanged.

Two points…. One, are you aware, J.J., that under Islamic Sharia, Hobby Lobby wouldn’t cover 16 out of 20 “contraceptives” mandated by HHS?  Yeah, they cover SIXTEEN different contraceptives—under Sharia, if they covered ONE, they’d suffer the fate of aliens from Zitseff…. Two: under Sharia, the female race you champion is treated like airport luggage, suffering flogging, disfigurement, and mutilation.  Equating Sharia and Scalia is akin to equating honor killing and CPR.  I won’t call you an idiot because that would insult idiots, but I hasten to point out that you profess to be “Christian” and write: Jesus never called the poor “lazy,” fought for tax cuts for the wealthiest Nazarenes or asked a leper for a co-pay.


Everyone knows that Jesus, being the Son of God, championed an all-powerful, monopolistic government capable of forcing disciples to kill babies!!  It’s patently GIVEN that He would want Uber-Christians like Obama to force stupid ones like the owners of Hobby Lobby to fund infanticide!! Thank you, John Fugelsang, for as Christians, we’d NO IDEA that Jesus healed lepers at the behest of Caesar and looked to Rome to define “charity.”

As for the “lazy,” please see Proverbs 18:9…. 20:4…. 19:15…. and 13:11.

Summation: lazy people deserve to go hungry and not everyone is industrious.  You know what’s lazy?  Cramming Jesus into a leftist box.

But every meltdown bleeds lies:

NARAL, the National Abortion Rights Action League, tweeted: #SCOTUS #HobbyLobby decision goes out of its way to declare that discrimination against women isn’t discrimination.

Planned Parenthood tweeted: Make no mistake: today, once again, the Supreme Court ruled against American women…. It’s unbelievable that in 2014, we’re still fighting about whether women should have access to birth control.

TRANSLATION: the facts of the ruling are irrelevant to our pre-written talking-points which serve: 1) to anger Stupid People; 2) to cause Stupid People to fund stupidity; and 3) to spread manure.

Discrimination?  It’s now DISCRIMINATION when the owner of a closely-held company (the decision has no bearing on firms that issue widely-dispersed stock) won’t subsidize a female worker’s sex-life?  This is the same as DENYING HER RIGHTS?  As prohibiting her from the same level of societal participation as women who CHOOSE not to work for the company?

Unbelievable is right—it’s insanely unbelievable that there are women willing to support an industry that each year slaughters ONE MILLION BABIES.  If you’re female and buy-in to the “War on Women,” may I suggest the War on Thought?  Every Hobby Lobby employee, with or without a vagina, has the same access to birth control as they did yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that; though it’s true that babies sucked from the womb and incinerated in that span won’t access anything—never run through a sprinkler, laugh, or have children.

They’re DEAD.

But don’t worry, politicians…  excuse me, “public servants”…  chimed-in:

Patty Murray: #HobbyLobby sets a dangerous precedent and takes us closer to a time in history when women had no choice and no voice.

Nancy Pelosi: Allowing CEOs to limit the medical procedures available to employees is a gross violation of workers’ religious rights.

Elizabeth Cherokee Warren: Can’t believe we live in a world where we’d even consider letting big corps deny women access to basic care based on vague moral objections.

Harry Reid: It’s time that five men on the Supreme Court stop deciding what happens to women.

Hmmm, too often I say “wow”….  but WOW.  “What happens” to women?  Reid voted in favor of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, and I’m not sure what this has to do with gender.  Last I checked, Justice is “blind” (thus the black robes) not fixed on wa-was.  At least Murray, his colleague, makes a fair – albeit delusional – statement.  The Senate’s “conscience,” Murray grasps that forcing the counter-gal of a closely-held business to pay for sex pills is akin to fitting her with a muzzle…. A woman’s right to force others to subsidize her liaisons is inherent in Federalist #69, and Lord knows we’re barreling at light-speed back in history—the HHS rule dates to 2012!!

As for Madame Speaker—I’m simply in AWE…. Dear, sweet, rebuked by the Archbishop for abortion advocacy Nancy is to coherency what gout is to track.  Barreling to Walgreens after a night of raunch, filling out the insurance form, then thanking the pharmacist as you rush to evacuate your vagina (in the Prius) is now, officially, a “medical procedure”…. WHO KNEW?

It gets worse.  Hobby Lobby’s owners filed suit because Dear Leader trashed the religious clause of the First Amendment—THEY are the plaintiffs who sought relief on religious grounds.  Nance, however, claims that EMPLOYEES have “religious standing,” though no one knows what religion they practice.

Insanelam?  Sextianity?

Perhaps the butler cinched her girdle too tight…. As a Christian, I empathize but will have to research “pharmaceutical sacraments.”

In the meantime, Fauxcohontas takes the cake.  Liz, whose cheekbones inspired Cher to write “Half Breed,” makes a Times Square grifter look like Francis of Assisi. If she “can’t believe we live in a world where we’d even consider letting big corps deny women access to basic care,” I can’t believe she slaughtered a thousand prairie bison.

Vague moral objections?  

On the Left, that’s all this is.  That nothing is as clear as the Christian stance on Life is irrelevant to the mantra: “Big corp,” “big corp”….  Though, ask people to define “basic care” and count the number who scream “Abortifacients!”  Tally how many believe “corporations” – in this case a purveyor of crafts – decide the rudiments of medicine.  It’s a lie, a religion, though one that clarifies Nancy:

Allowing CEOs to limit the medical procedures available to employees is a gross violation of workers’ RELIGIOUS rights.


You can’t make that statement without a) presuming that “rights” are granted by men; and b) considering “benefits” derived from a sacred Source.  Forget John 8:32 - The truth shall set your free - Pelosi’s church is Capitol Hill.  Her Bible is the Federal Registry.  And her God is Power.

Pelosi, Murray, Warren, and Reid are apostles.  They reject blood shed on their behalf in favor of blood-money.  Each receives graft from Planned Parenthood, and each is a paladin of a self-made religion—an altar that asks only that one join the Progressive Party in order to replace God (and His Son) with oneself.

~Greg Halvorson

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