The Reagan Legacy: Osama bin Laden dead

    d Yes, it’s true…. As hard as it is to believe that Barack Obama didn’t single-handedly take out Osama bin Laden between black-tie galas and lining-up putts, there’s another iconic president we should thank: Ronald Reagan. When the Gipper took office, U.S. Special Forces and Tactical Unit Teams were under-funded, under-trained, under-manned and in disarray…. But, as Thomas Mcardle writes: With the same visionary perseverance | Read More »

    Muslim sensitivities? What about AMERICAN sensitivities, Mr. President?

    Honestly, I haven’t been this addled since the early morning hours after my first pint of vodka. But as the O-administration spins, we can at least be confident that it’s clueless to the core. The decision to not release images of Osama bin Laden dead is one made by a president more concerned about the sentiments of our enemy than American citizens. “Reach out” goes | Read More »

    Soldiers Without Boots: defeating the Left through social media

    “I will cut the deficit in half in my first two years.”

 ~Barack Obama Friends, all of us, in an era of progressive mindlessness, must speak loudly and often in defense of the truth. My Facebook page, Soldiers Without Boots, is 100% dedicated to defeating progressives through the use of social media. Below are page “statuses,” composed by me, above articles presented there. A fire | Read More »

    Listing of lizard may shut down Texas oil

    You can’t make this up. First, a Spotted Owl destroyed the timber industry of the Pacific Northwest, then a minnow turned the most productive agricultural land in the world into a dustbowl, and now, as energy prices spike and the economy sputters, they’re going after Texas with a scurrilous reptile. Specifically, the Dunes Sagebrush Lizard. That’s the latest more-important-than-people critter being used to lock-up resources | Read More »

    From Hope and Change to Duck and Hide: Obama swings left

    Is this guy for real? The transmogrification of Barack Obama, who when he’s not getting down with Jay-Z is out spewing clap-trap on the Fantasy Tour, has mired him squarely in the political gutter. Anyone who’s been to the pump lately – or for that matter, a Benghazi rocket battle – has to know that he lacks leadership, is a community organizer, and practices a | Read More »

    Pelosi and Dems cash-in in Wisconsin

    Call me a glutton for punishment, but in order to keep an eye on the moonbat crowd, I receive e-mails from Nancy Pelosi. Every time there’s a “crisis,” she’s there, cranking the spigot for cash, cash, cash. When Jared Loughner unloaded in Tucson, dollar-signs filled her orbitals. And, yes, the rise of “extremists” in Wisconsin – the one that puts its public employee collective bargaining | Read More »

    Failure to honor Washington: a triumph of the Left

    On this, what would have been George Washington’s 278th birthday, Americans will go about their business, a free people, without acknowledging – nor celebrating – the man whose toil on their behalf was measureless. I say “free people,” sadly aware that we’re becoming less free, and that diminution of Washington symbolizes the design to “alter” history to make this so. This, of course, derives from | Read More »

    Fighting campus speech-codes with FIRE

    Speech-code. Sounds like something from George Orwell’s pen or a Stephen King tale, but it’s not. According to Adam Kissel, from the Foundation of Individual Rights in Education, two-thirds of college campuses enforce speech-codes, violating the 1st amendment rights of their students. Thanks to FIRE, however, codes are being challenged, speech is alive, and awareness is being raised. While two-thirds isn’t good, this is down | Read More »

    Message to Congress: Don’t “fix” ObamaCare

    In the wake of Judge Vinson’s evisceration of ObamaCare, it appears that the plaintiffs – the attorneys general and governors of the 26 states involved in the suit – are recognizing their power. While the administration pretends nothing happened, they’re standing up, as they should, against the law. From the WSJ: “For Wisconsin, the federal health care law is dead,” Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen | Read More »

    Sorry, Bill Maher, the NFL is not socialist

    Sorry, Bill Maher, the NFL is not socialist Bill Maher, the Hollywood Jesus-hater who receives talking points from Playboy Bunnies, is at it again. In a recent article, he claims that the National Football League owes its success to “socialism,” that it thrives, not because of capitalism but due to redistribution of revenue amongst teams. A critique of his theory – that the sharing of | Read More »