New name needed for “Bush Tax Cuts”; Join in the Fun

    Controlling the language and semantics is important in politics. It is obvious that calling the 2001 and 2003 Tax Cut bills the “Bush Tax Cuts” is really a non-starter in getting the tax rates created by them made permanent. So, after some research (if you consider google and then a little reading to be “research”) I hereby propose a few alternatives. First, for the HB | Read More »


    Surprise! Obama Task Force Concludes Gitmo Detainees Should be There!

    The Obama Administration tried to hide the results of their blue-ribbon task force Gitmo study by releasing the results a week ago Friday, just prior to the Memorial Day Weekend. Fortunately, Marc Thiessen was listening. For years the left has spun the myth that hundreds of Guantanamo detainees are really innocent goatherds and dirt farmers wrongly swept up in the war on terror. In an | Read More »

    Please support Col. Allen West (FL-22) Money-Bomb

    Please visit and help Col. Allen West’s campaign for US Congress, FL-22. Col. West appeared on Hannity tonight. His website has been up reliably, but during his interview with Hannity, this was the response While web admins may hate that, as a West Patriot, I liked that. Let’s send this American patriot and retired colonel to DC. The FL-22 district includes the Palm Beaches | Read More »

    Outlook is bright for Identity Protection Industry, thanks to Obamacare

    There are regulations that prevent Social Security numbers from being used for identification. It took a while for my employer to get its administrator, United Healthcare, to change from using the employee’s SSN to use a unique employee number. Well, those days are now gone. With Obamacare, health insurance companies will be reporting which people have insurance coverage. And now, since they are part of | Read More »

    Mission Impossible: 2010

    I’ve been getting reacquainted with some old friends from my childhood days on American Life Network recently.The times have changed, but the theme of saving a nation from power-hungry politicians never goes out of style. This is the start of an episode I’d like to see some evening. A tourist walks into the National Museum in Warsaw, a vibrant city in a nation that has | Read More » pushes Obamacare Again, but they ignore one fact has put out a commercial in favor of Obamacare. In it, they (again) claim that thousands die from a lack of healthcare insurance. (Funny, but I doubt I’d find “lack of healthcare insurance” on any death certificate.) I am sure you can find it if you’d like, but I won’t give them any hits from this diary. One thing I would like to remind | Read More »

    On United Nations Day, the Onslaught Continues. Are You Ready to Submit?

    Good morning. Today is a special day. Are you celebrating yet? That’s right. Today is United Nations Day. The power grab by the United Nations over the USA has been incessant since the Democrats won a majority in both houses in 2007. In the past two years, the UN has been pressuring the US to accept the Law of the Sea Treaty, which would severely | Read More »

    Another Reason IOC Rejected Chicago

    A story broke on September 25th about a soiree hosted by the Obamas for visiting VIPs during the UN meetings at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This is another goof in the White House office of protocol. As with most parties, pictures were taken by the White House photographers. However, unlike past Presidents, POTUS Obama’s White House has a flickr website page. And they seem | Read More »

    Green Jobs, the New York Apollo Alliance, and State-Sanctioned Theft

    People have debated the definition of a “green job” for a while. I have been skeptical about what really is a “green job,” but my eyes have been opened. According to the New York Apollo Alliance, a green job is one that is created in order to manufacture and install goods that are mandated by the government. Green jobs are created when a government enacts | Read More »

    Exclusivity Agreements for Cellphones: Support Free Markets had an article in this past Sunday’s magazine discussing exclusivity agreements between cell phone manufacturers  and cell network providers. Some lawmakers and industry experts say such arrangements limit consumer choice, stifle competition, and keep rates artificially high. “Consumers should be allowed to access any network with whatever device they choose, just as they do with their televisions and computers,” says Rob Frieden, a law | Read More »