Fitting conclusion.. I can dream, can’t I?

    July 4th (Korean time), the North Koreans launch their missile out towards the Pacific in direction of Hawaii. Something goes wrong, and missile curves to the west. The missile finds its way back down to earth’s surface and strikes, destroying their ship carrying the nuclear materials, as it sits in a Yemen harbor. I know, smacks of some James Bond movie plot, but hey, I | Read More »

    Will Senator Nelson (D-FL) Really Vote His Views?

    My Senator, Bill Nelson (D-FL), states on his website that he is against increasing the national debt.  Nelson voted against the TARP bill, a vote that was cancelled by Sen. Martinez’ (rino-FL) YES vote. I had hopes that he might also vote against the Obama stimulus bill.  So I wrote him this optimistic letter of appreciation. Thanks for being AGAINST STIMULUS! I agree with your | Read More »

    My Message to Maine’s Senators

    As a Floridian, I used the web pages to contact Maine’s US Senators. If their decisions affect me, then dad-gum they are gonna here from me. They claim to belong to the GOP, like me, so I should be able to contact these people who profess to believe in the GOP philosophy of limited government. Here is my message: Please vote NO on the non-Stimulus | Read More »

    Racism Alive on Democratic Side of the Aisle

    For now, I won’t comment on how the replacement of Senators goes: white woman for white woman (D-NY), white man for white man (D-DE), and black man for black man (D-IL). You know those stories. Even the “cannot-have-a-white-man-as-secretary-of-state” philosophy. These stories, while embarrassing to some, are true and the facts cannot be argued. But I am now told by my US Senator Mel Martinez, that | Read More »

    Reading Your Opposition’s Works

    From the diaries by Erick Case in point: Tom Daschle, former US Senator from SD, and Senate Majority/Minority leader in late 90s and early 2000s. Daschle, tapped by Mr. Obama to be Secretary of Health and Human Services next year, wrote a book that he likely now wishes no one would read. In fact, and have no copies in stock, so he has | Read More »

    SNL Re-run is edited tonight, sans the Sandlers

    NBC is re-running the Saturday Night (not-so) Live episode tonight that contained a skit that attempted to tell how the subprime crisis really started. The digs at Pelosi and Frank were great, so was the couple who were caught flipping when the downturn hit. Shortly after the original episode, in which the real story of the Sandlers was told, the Sandlers complained to NBC about | Read More »

    Just Who is Middle Class Anyways?

    Written today in USA Today In a sense, the Obamas face a dilemma that many upper-middle-class families do in most big cities: Open, egalitarian systems offer lots of school choices — but the best ones fill up fast (and admission each fall is by lottery if applicants outnumber slots). Still, few can match the offerings of pricey private schools. So, with each of the them | Read More »

    Third Parties in Swing States Make a Difference, So Don’t Do It!

    I understand why some folks voted Libertarian. I was confronted this year with a US House race (FL-15) where a qualified independent candidate was running. I feared that the Democrat Dr. Blythe, a Planned Parenthood supporter, could win without my vote for the GOP Posey (who won). Consider these cases from this 2008 election yesterday: If 90% of those 29,000 who voted for Barr (L) | Read More »

    Callifornia Voters: Your vote does not matter

    So, Joe sixpack in San Diego votes at 7:55 pm. It does not matter. At 8pm, his state is given to Obama. Why even bother going out in the 70 degree weather to vote?

    How Many Offices can ONE Person Run for in an Election, Joe?

    So today, Delaware voters get to vote for Joe-the-six-term-Senator twice. How is this possible? How is his Senate seat filled should Obama win? How can he pick which position he wants? Why should the Dems get a free Senate seat? In the same way, I urge all Alaskans to vote for Stevens just so Gov. Palin can appoint a Republican replacement after the election. Again, | Read More »