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I was born in a car in 1958, on Staten Island New York. I went to high school in Switzerland. I graduated from Colgate University. I am a small business owner. I believe that if you subsidize something you get more of it and if you tax something you get less of it, AND I can project that out into the future. I believe in a safety net, but it should not be a pillow topped mattress. I believe that taxpayers are the most maligned minority in America.


    The response to Embassy Attacks that I WISH we saw

    The United States of America believes that all Americans have the right to express themselves as they wish, and that the validity of their thoughts will stand or fall in the free marketplace of ideas. We believe that the strongest and most noble ideas are impervious to distortion and that they rise above iniquity. They appeal to our common humanity and they do not need | Read More »

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    Who Is Really Stuck With the Bill?

    Millionaires and Billionaires need to pay their fair share.   Group_of_kids.jpg (JPEG Image, 1280 × 854 pixels).   Well here they are. Forty cents out of every dollar the government spends is borrowed. These are the people that will have to pay it back. If We raised taxes on the top 2% and it didn’t cause a recession, that number would go down to  thirty seven cents. | Read More »

    Cities Are Flickering Out Like Dead Light Bulbs

    Imagine Bush was still president. Stockton CA files for bankruptcy. Mammoth Lakes files for bankruptcy. San Bernardino files for bankruptcy. Scranton cuts all city workers to minimum wage. All within a month. What would our papers look like. What would dominate the headlines? Isn’t it true that CNN would start a special airing at 10pm every week night called “American Crisis”? Well, that just happened, | Read More »

    Obama Backs Holder, but Shows He Is In It Up To His Neck

    Obama has just invoked Executive Privilege to protect Eric Holder!   1) That means that far from this being a botch job from low level ATF people, this program went all the way to the Executive branch!   2) More importantly, no president has ever invoked Executive privilege without having it written about and broadcast by the Mainstream press.   As the mainstream press has largely given this embarrassment of | Read More »

    I Hope So?

    What schooled, professional, political adviser could actually suggest to a sitting president that his best way forward, his political feast, should consist of blaming his predecessor? I know. All of them do, at least for a while, as they get their feet wet, and step away from the policies they ran against, but no one has ever run on that excuse for re-election some three and a | Read More »

    A Question of Trust

    Obama’s campaign has decided that the election will hinge on whom we will trust more. Whom will we trust more?!? Are they seriously going to go with that??? Let’s see… The Excuse Maker in chief told us just yesterday that all this overspending is Bush’s fault! He really did. He said that Bush baked all this spending in. Poor Obama didn’t realize that since he | Read More »

    Why I Am a Republican

    I am a Republican BECAUSE I root for the little guy.   It is not the prosperous that I love. It is the opportunity that comes with prosperity.   Prosperity brings good things to the little guy. It brings a job. It brings innovation. We almost all have cars because someone wanted to figure out how to sell them to the little guy. It pushes | Read More »

    If Ashcroft Lied Under Oath

    Imagine the front page of the New York Times this morning, if Bush was president and John Ashcroft was the Attorney General. Splashed across the top would be headlines with the scandal that gun happy Ashcroft had lied under oath to protect the administration from the fact that they were arming the Narco-Terrorists south of the border. The follow up story would combine fact with | Read More »

    Casualties in the War Against The Rich

    We are at war…WITH OURSELVES! Are we ready for the casualties this war will cause? So that Obama can get re-elected? Obama calls for a repeal of the Bush era tax cuts, but only for the top two percent of income earners. These super-productive people need to have more of their income confiscated. They should be punished for their success. After all, they probably won’t | Read More »

    How To Extend Unemployment and Have It Cost Less

    Obama’s “Jobs” bill includes money for people to remain jobless. Their theory is that money thrown at the jobless is the best use of stimulus, umm, forget that, umm let’s try “magic money making”. Unfortunately their theory is wrong. The CBO has already opined that every dollar spent in that program only returns 90 cents to the economy. Not that Liberals care; the real reason | Read More »