ISIS Gains while DoD diddles

    The A-10 Warthog is the solution to ISIS, but the Air Force won’t support it.

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    Crusade v. Jihad

    Politics demand that anything President Obama does must be opposed.  But, in one case, this is immoral.  The President has authorized air attacks against the Islamic State, and this is the moral thing to do. Al Qur’an (Have you read it?  Because if you haven’t, you cannot disagree with things of which you have no knowledge.) says that Jews, Christians, and Zoroastrians should NOT be | Read More »

    Thoughts on The Final Solution

    Shoah works well for the Palestinians.  I am sorry, but it is the Israeli “end-game.”  Millions of somewhat Jews have descended on “The Holy Land,” and they need a place to camp.  The Book of Joshua is the answer and the solution. Please read it.  None of the participants ignore history … and all remember it.  The West have long forgotten; The Bible (sometimes a | Read More »

    Minimum Wage — Politics versus Reality.

    I published in another venue that the current $10.10 proposal steals a catch-phrase from Herman Cain and makes it  impossible for Republicans to support the President’s purely political request.  I say the Party should jump on board, and make a big deal about supporting last year’s State of the Union request for $9.00 an hour! Despite the fact that thirty years of studies have proved | Read More »

    The Ukraine … Why Now?

    I have no idea why our President and our politicians (on both sides) are suddenly interested in intervening in a foreign civil insurrection.   Perhaps they have some inane* wish to start another World War (which might benefit the defense industry).  Perhaps they wish to re-establish their long-lost “street-creds” regarding a strong foreign policy.  (Kinda like being “strong on crime.” by putting a few million marijuana | Read More »

    The Solution to Syria … for Now

    There is  a straightforward (if difficult) solution to the current chemical weapons crisis.  It requires both diplomacy and politics. Diplomacy The World’s leaders will be gathered in St. Petersburg, Russian Federation the end of this week.  Behind closed doors, both the United States and France should offer a rapprochement:   “Both the US and Russia have experience destroying chemical weapons stocks, but we have little influence | Read More »

    Letter to my daughter — Redstate won’t like this

    [redacted, and slightly edited, with comments] Darlin’, When you have the chance, please check your student loan balances.   I need to know if they’ve been applying your payments against the higher-interest loan, per instruction. If not, I’ll write the appropriate Federal Agencies (there are now several of them).  Our Representative Kenny Marchant doesn’t seem to care,  I wrote him, but he has not responded in | Read More »

    National Security Advisor

    Condoleezza Rice:  “We’ve got problems here, here, and here.  Ya panimayu.” Susan Rice:  “Yo, bro … nuthin’ goin’ on in Africa … play some golf … sorry Mandela didn’t die while you were there.” As Assistant Secretary for African Affairs, Susan Rice presided over the bombing of US Embassies in Tanzania and Kenya. ‘Nuf said.  

    Prayers for Nelson Mandela

    Far away from elections and US politics, I would ask my fellow Red Staters to take a moment to pray for Nelson Mandela, a true African that actually deserved the Nobel Peace Prize. President Bush II awarded him the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and some may take umbrage that he was also awarded the Order of Lenin.  Nonetheless, he is a great man who has | Read More »

    In Memoriam

    I see too many political posts, this weekend.  I won’t make it to Preston, Iowa, this year.  There, the flags of Veterans hang in glory, along both sides of the single cemetery driveway.  Those flags were given to dozens of families over many years, and donated to the local VFW that my Grandfather helped found.  Every Memorial Day, they fly proudly over the prairie, and | Read More »

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