A Christmas Carol

    We interrupt this program, off season … While America is in political tumult, something amazing just happened.  We watched Monday efficient, effective, and smiling Russians help a Russian, an American, and a Canadian out of a space capsule of most ancient design, returning them from the International Space Station (ISS) to Earth after well-over a hundred days in space. Commander Chris Hadfield of Canada recorded | Read More »

    Pillory Hillary; Facts Are Important

    I have little doubt that Congressional Republicans’ principal purpose for the multiple Benghazi hearings is to embarrass the President and make a potential Presidential run by former Secretary of State Clinton less likely. Mission Accomplished!  But the facts are more important to The People, and they are coming out because of those hearings. The inadvertent result of a Congressional Oversight Committees doing, after the fact, | Read More »

    It’s Not Obama’s Fault … did you hear this?

    From a reliable source: It is the biggest attack since the Taliban launched their annual spring offensive on Sunday, saying it would take aim at foreign military bases and diplomatic areas. The attack came four days after three British soldiers were killed in a similar attack in the neighbouring province of Helmand. Nineteen US personnel have been killed in the last week in three air crashes | Read More »

    Prime Minister Thatcher’s Funeral Is Wednesday

    The BBC has published details of Maggie Thatcher’s funeral Wednesday. In typical British understatement, “Ronald Reagan’s widow Nancy is understood to be too frail to travel.”  Thus, the American delegation will include only our most important representatives linked to Thatcher’s decade-plus-one years of service as Prime Minister of our arguably most important ally (the titles are the BBC’s): Former US Secretary of State and Nobel | Read More »

    Democrats lose fight in Montana Senate over ballot measures

    Montana is putting questions to its citizens.  The Democrats seem to hate this.  Why the heck are Democrats opposed to Democracy? I’m saddened by what we saw today – it’s worse than Washington, D.C.,” Governor Steve Bullock said. “I’m not embarrassed by men and women demanding a right to speak – I’m disappointed by those who denied it. At issue are two ballot initiatives to | Read More »

    I am SOOOOooo Ticked Off

    So I read the latest, on Republican “compromises.”  I haven’t noticed the sky falling since The Sequester took effect, although I am told  it must have been a catastrophe.  Sec. State Kerry announced $250 million in aid to Egypt , since. The US Navy bought another four “littoral ships” for almost $1.4 billion ($1,378,350,912, to be precise, because we can price a ship down to | Read More »

    A Modest Proposal

    I dearly want to save the Nation another pointless discussion of gun control.  The fact is, crazy people kill people, and Congress can’t or won’t address the the far more contentious issue of controlling crazies.  After all, the only solution to that would require banning anyone having ever been confined to a psychiatric institution or anyone having ever been prescribed psychiatric drugs from owning guns.  | Read More »

    Protecting Our Schools

    On one of Sunday’s news shows, in an interview with Tom Ridge (former Secretary of Homeland Security), a newscaster asked the pertinent question “isn’t one of the first tenets of anti-terrorism to harden the target?” Friday, a gunman shot his way into a Connecticut school, a knife-wielding madman broke into an elementary school in China, and police arrested a student in Oklahoma planning violence against | Read More »

    I Grieve for Newtown and Chengping

    We and China experienced horrific events on Friday  morning:  26 children and adults killed in Newtown, Connecticut, 22 school children and one adult killed in Chengping, Henan Province..  20-year-old Adam Lanza stole his weapons;  it would have been illegal for him (under existing Federal Law) to purchase the handguns he had.  36-year-old Min Yingjun used a knife;  in the US, knives over about four inches | Read More »

    Embrace the Cliff!

    Congress:  All y’all voted and passed it last year, and President Obama signed it.  Please go home, enjoy the holidays, and do nothing. You’re good at that. Social Security is safe: they made a $59.3 billion profit as of September 30, the end of the Federal Fiscal Year.  Grandma will keep getting her payments. although she’ll lose some on dividends and interest from all she’s | Read More »

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