Throwing Rice

    Susan Rice has made the headlines of late, mostly because she seems clueless on the Benghazi Consulate coverup … but she was “going on the best intelligence available.” She seems to be well-qualified for the job of Sec State (with a Doctorate from Oxford), and background as the Assistant Secretary of State for Africa.  Should she be nominated, the Senate will have to have hearings.  | Read More »

    Vocabulary loses elections

    Just a brief comment.  In the next General Election, the new Republican handbook should clearly state that the words “abortion” and “rape” should never pass a candidate’s lips. Todd Akin was a shoe-in against Claire McCaskell until he decided to propose “legitiment rape.” Richard Mourdock was running well until he decided that rape was “God’s intent.”  As a result, Republicans lost one Senate seat and | Read More »

    Drunken Oil

    If anyone had a doubt that Hedge Funds controlled oil prices. this article (from a 2009 case) should put any doubts to rest.  In two hours, ONE broker raised the price of oil by $1.50 per barrel: Perkins ultimately purchased 69 percent of the global market between the hours of 1:22 a.m. and 3:41 a.m. causing the price of oil to jump $1.50 per barrel, | Read More »

    CNN: Romney 67%, Obama 25%

    I don’t often watch the Clinton News Network (CNN), but I felt obliged to, as FOX commentators tend to talk over the speakers as if ‘bloviators’ were more important.than candidates. I hope the estimated 50 million who watched this debate learned something: Romney is not a monster, and President Obama is no Savior. I may have preferred a different candidate, but I can get behind | Read More »

    Over 2,000 Soldiers Dead: Bush 630 … Obama 1,496

    Nothing can make up for the losses of our soldiers and their families. Their sacrifices are for our nation and not any temporary Commander in Chief.  I know, because my wife and I have had friends and relatives “over there” in Iraq and Afghanistan (some, on multiple deployments) and our families have served and lost a few since 1776. I wonder where the media are | Read More »

    Chicken**** – On the Left’s Hypocrisy and the Right’s Reason

    The President of Chick-Fil-A expressed his personal views on a radio show and created a media storm.  Since then, the Mayors of Chicago and Boston have said he’s not welcome. Perhaps Rahm Emmanuel should listen to another interview, in which his newly chosen nemesis says that he’s opening three stores in Chicago and possibly four more. Or perhaps the Mayors of Chicago and Boston should | Read More »

    Guns and Money … or is that Elections? … or Gun Control?

    The President, for the first time, has invoked Executive Privilege to protect DOJ documents that might be related to the ATF supplying guns (~2,000 of them) to Mexican Drug Lords.  The House (in committee) has responded by recommending “contempt of Congress” charges against Eric Holder, the first Black Attorney General (AG) appointed by President Obama.  No one cares to note that Mr. Holder was first | Read More »


    Ray Bradbury has Passed

    … may he rest in peace. He, and other writers, inspired a nation to go into space.  Today, our politicians can no longer find the means to pursue that dream. The colonization of Mars will not happen in our generation. He also wrote Fahrenheit 451 (the temperature at which books burn).  It is a dire warning against the suppression of ideas and a culture that | Read More »

    A Toast. Please fell free to join.

    To all who have served that we may be here today. To Irwin and Roy of the American Expeditionary Force, and Heinrich Sr who fought on the other side. To Don and Leon and Chuck and Verne, and Henry (Heinrich Jr) who fought on our side the second time around. To Ray, who occupied Japan. To Ron, who wintered on Korea. … These just the | Read More »

    Texans for Ron Paul and Ted Cruz

    I don’t belong to any such organization, but this is how I am going to vote in the second week of  Texas’ “Early Voting.” I don’t dislike Mitt, but I think the Party establishment has erred on the side of  “old white guys who paid their dues and deserve the nomination” for too long.  Like Bob Dole and John McCain. Both, good guys, but neither | Read More »

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