A Toast. Please fell free to join.

    To all who have served that we may be here today. To Irwin and Roy of the American Expeditionary Force, and Heinrich Sr who fought on the other side. To Don and Leon and Chuck and Verne, and Henry (Heinrich Jr) who fought on our side the second time around. To Ray, who occupied Japan. To Ron, who wintered on Korea. … These just the | Read More »

    Texans for Ron Paul and Ted Cruz

    I don’t belong to any such organization, but this is how I am going to vote in the second week of  Texas’ “Early Voting.” I don’t dislike Mitt, but I think the Party establishment has erred on the side of  “old white guys who paid their dues and deserve the nomination” for too long.  Like Bob Dole and John McCain. Both, good guys, but neither | Read More »

    Putting Gay Marriage to Bed (as it were)

    President Obama has finally stated the obvious and necessary.  If you believe Kinsey, 10% of male voters are gay, and between 2% and 6% of females are lesbian. (“Experimental” percentages are far higher.)  When 5% of voters can throw an election either way,  it would be ill-advised to offend them. Governor Romney seems to be taking a more nuanced stance: “My view is that marriage | Read More »

    GSA = Government Spending Authority

    Recently, the General Services Administration (GSA) spent about $800,000 on a party for its employees. The Obama-appointed management has since resigned, but I am really ticked off.  Please let me explain. During the Reagan era, I was one of those dread “beltway bandits” who act as consultants to the Federal Government.  I managed the performance of several “task orders” under GSA contracts:  doing things Federal | Read More »

    Kill the Americans! (or … I TOLD you so)

    President Obama and “The Government” are issuing some new excuses for killing Americans. Please don’t be alarmed … it will be a long time after they come for them that they will come for you. I mentioned this a while ago. Vladimir Putin, formerly of the KGB, won Russia’s Presidential election Sunday.  I suspect it was an honest election:   Russians were allowed to protest leading | Read More »

    Concensus for Campaigns

    Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya have recently overthrown their corrupt politicians. Yemen is in the process, and Syria is up for grabs. Tunisia’s government went peacefully; Egypt’s too was mostly peaceful (on the part of the protestors). Other Governments’ reactions remind me of the U.S. National Guard’s response to riots in Chicago or demonstrations at Kent State University.  It is unsettling to remember what most young | Read More »

    Snoweing on Kerrey

    This week, Senator Olympia Snowe (R) of Maine decided Tuesday not to run for re-election, and former Senator Bob Kerrey (D) of Nebraska said Wednesday that he would re-enter this year’s Senate race. Last I checked, Democrats control the U.S. Senate, 53-47, and are defending 23 of the 33 seats on the ballot this year. Senator Ben Nelson’s (D-NE) retirement, announced in December, made him | Read More »

    Congress, please take a year’s vacation

    With all due respect, the Stupor Committee has failed to come up with any compromise and you, Congress, have failed to do your  job.  The Constitution requires of you to complete appropriations each year by the October 1 deadline YOU (and your weak-kneed predecessors) imposed, after extending it from  July 1! I find it a political farce that 535 Senators and Representatives of  The People | Read More »


    All over America, today is voting day. There are no Congressfolk nor Presidents to be elected, but if you do not vote you have no right to complain. Wife and I voted on Amendments to the Texas Constitution last week, in “early voting.” We have an arcane requirement that actual People have to ratify (or not) some of the things our Legislature does. Son will | Read More »

    Two Americans assassinated for the price of one

    I’ll not shed a tear for Anwar al-Awlaki, born an American in New Mexico and holding a BS from Colorado State, an MA from San Diego State, and work towards a PhD at George Washington University. Somewhere along the line, he got weird and led several people to attack his country of citizenship. Born of Yemenis and married to a Yemen, he moved to Yemen | Read More »