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Tim Griffin is a 26-year-old attorney writing from Virginia. He is the editor of with the goal of electing Jim DeMint conservatives through primaries, RINO hunting and general elections at the state and federal level.


    Evaluating Chris Christie

    Chris Christie won re-election this week by a staggering margin in a blue state.  As much as conservatives don’t want to admit it, this does mean something.  While I in no way endorse or pull for Christie in the primaries, I will go ahead and note upfront that I would view his candidacy more favorably than a McCain or a Romney candidacy.  Namely, because Christie | Read More »

    5 Lessons of the VA Gubernatorial Race

     As foreseen, Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate, Terry McAuliffe defeated Ken Cuccinelli in the Virginia Governor’s race by 2.4% or less than 60k votes.  Cuccinelli lost, but it is hard to say that anyone else would have done better under the circumstances.  The fact is that if establishment candidate, Bill Bolling had run, he may have gotten the airwaves, but he wouldn’t have gotten the base turnout | Read More »

    Vote Cuccinelli Virginia

    Election day is today.  For two years, conservatives have been championing the bonafides of our Attorney General, Ken Cuccinelli and his vision to create 60k new jobs in Virginia, continue a robust utilization of coal-fired power plants, protect women’s health, fight for the rights of the unborn, ensure that people claiming different sexual orientations aren’t claiming additional rights, acquitting wrongly convicted defendants, fighting the sex | Read More »

    Will a “likely electorate” turn the tide for Cuccinelli?

    Virginia Republican Gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli is behind Democrat, Terry McAuliffe.   If the election were held today, he would likely lose judging by current polls.   But could a more accurate turnout model put him within striking distance of snatching victory from the jaws of defeat? Republicans should reject hocus pocus questioning of polling as many in the Romney camp did in 2012.   Many republicans didn’t | Read More »

    The House can still win a one-year exemption

    Yesterday, the Speaker of the House was unable to hoodwink conservatives into falling for a House compromise bill that did nothing to restrict the ill effects of Obamacare.  Likewise, House leadership was unable to convince their colleagues to allow themselves and Congressional staffs to be thrown into the Obamacare exchanges.  This is a good thing.  The Senate wouldn’t have taken up the House bill nor | Read More »

    The Republican Strategy to defeat the McConnell/Reid/Obama trio

    The dreaded Mitch McConnell Obamacare compromise is coming to light this morning.  Mitch McConnell has joined forces with Harry Reid to allow Obamacare to be (1) fully funded, (2) without any fixes to the exchange’s glitches, (3) without a delay in the penalty for individual Americans and (4) without permanently stripping out a single word from Obamacare. The Senate plan funds government through January 15th, | Read More »

    Shutdown Day 2: the Next Step

    The government shutdown is in full swing.  Yesterday, the President gave a Rose Garden speech dismantling the merits of compromise. Not surprisingly, America went humming along without many hiccups.  In reality, most of America’s hiccups occurred because of the massive failure of Obamacare day one.  Sure, non-essential services are temporarily shut down and furloughed federal workers are getting the unfair brunt of the President’s grandstanding, | Read More »

    Shutdown polls will back the winner

    After the House passed three separate Continuing Budget Resolutions to fund the government, the Senate has balked and non-essential government services have shut down. But only one thing will matter in the minds of the American people – which party wins this debate.  Most Americans don’t care what a filibuster is, they don’t understand what a continuing resolution is, they don’t understand Congress’s power of | Read More »

    VA Debate: Cuccinelli poised while McAuliffe struggles to remember talking points

    Last night, the Virginia gubernatorial candidates squared off again in their second-to-last debate before the November election.  Republican Ken Cuccinelli turned in a strong performance while Democrat Terry McAuliffe struggled to keep up. From the outset, McAuliffe’s attacks were on the Attorney General’s personal character and belief system while Cuccinelli’s attacks seemed to focus more on McAuliffe’s actions.  Neither candidate was above throwing the occasional | Read More »

    Cuccinelli’s Education plan would move VA children into the 21st Century

    With all the mudslinging in the Virginia Gubernatorial race, it has been difficult to approach the main issues affecting Virginians lives.   A few weeks back, Republican nominee, Ken Cuccinelli unveiled a twelve point plan to strengthen our children’s education from Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade.   The plan’s essential goal seeks to offer all children, no matter their ethnic or socio-economic background, opportunities to learn and grow | Read More »