Romney needs to roll out five policy proposals over the course of next week

Mitt Romney is losing.  More importantly, the weakness of Team Romney’s political malpractice over the past week is starting to hurt republicans in races all over the country.  So we need a course correction immediately and even the minor changes you’re hearing about from Boston doesn’t go far enough.

If I had told you six months ago that two months out from the election, polls would have Mass. Senator Scott Brown down by six points to the radical “consumer advocate” (?) you would have thought I was crazy.  Had I told you that Claire McCaskill would be headed toward re-election in Missouri, you wouldn’t have believed it.  And had I told you that George Allen would be down by eight to Tim Kaine –Ok, you might have believed that because we’ve been saying he would lose to Kaine for the last year.  But nonetheless, Mitt Romney’s weakness is trickling down to all of our national candidates.  At this point, Romney’s strategy could even end in republicans netting no new Senate seats.

Romney has to make a change for the rest of us, if not for his own bid.

Two months are an eternity in politics.  And as the Arab uprising demonstrates, outside events can change the course of a race through no fault of either candidate.

But Romney has to really take the bull by the horns before his first debate.  If he waits until the debate to stop the bleeding and the new Obama surge, he will be too late and Obama will come to the debate prepared.

Romney needs to roll out five policy proposals over the course of next week

Thus, we are proposing that Mitt Romney roll-out an “ideas” week.  He doesn’t need to call it that, but he needs to take the five points that he pledged to run on in his Convention speech and give a speech proscribing each one in detail on a separate day of the week, in a separate swing state preferably overtop of a germane and epic background.  We are at the point where people are paying attention.

For instance:

Monday, Romney could speak with Ryan detailing his school choice plan at a very successful private school.  Tuesday, Romney could speak about a flatter, fairer tax at a gas station.  Wednesday, Romney could speak about cutting Corporate taxes and streamlining the regulatory process.

Now to be clear, the time has passed for walking up on stage and ad-libbing about “job-killing” regulations and citing statistics.  No one cares.  It’s white noise.  And at this point, even attacks on Obama are pointless.  We get it, he went on an apology tour.  He’s selling Obama flag posters on his website.  That isn’t changing the numbers.

Romney can afford to get a bit wonky at this point.  We should hear specific policy proposals before the first debate.  These five speeches, Monday-Friday would give him the policy upper hand.  Each speech should be lengthy.  It should proscribe the problem and the solution and outline how the two will interact.

I have no misgivings that Obama will pounce on Romney for offering ideas.  And he’ll run through his usual buzz phrases like “folks are tired of the rich not paying their fair share” and “these are the same polices that got us into this mess in the first place.”  That is fine.  Let him.  That **** is white noise too.

The important thing is underlining the fact that Obama has ZERO policy proposals for a second term and even if he did, he has proposed nothing that he can work with the House GOP to pass.  Ideas from Romney, not rhetoric, would highlight the differences in these candidates.

Obama’s entire re-election has been about abortion and rich people.  But he’s offered nothing solid.  He hasn’t re-offered his jobs plan, he hasn’t addressed climate change, or overseeing the implementation of his healthcare plan.  He has not offered a vision.

Romney has a few days left to change course and then the inevitable will set in.  Romney has the opportunity to offer a vision to America that the POTUS has not.  That is an invaluable weakness to exploit and Romney’s ONLY chance at adding some legitimacy to candidates down the ballot and giving himself a fighting chance of rearranging the current electoral realities.

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