Conservatives must support Sequestration Cuts

As last year’s sequestration cuts near implementation, republican leaders are looking for ways to back out of the deal.  But we as conservatives and Americans can’t afford to let them.  If we win, we win big.  If we lose, we lose on every front.

As this site warned last year, Sequestration was a bad deal for Republicans and for the country.  Essentially, Republicans allowed Barack Obama to borrow more money that we didn’t have in exchange for him letting us cut our own programs.  We called on Republicans to back away from the deal, but Obama and Biden had more spine and our guys backed down.  So here we are, due to republican weakness in Congress we have an uncomfortable choice.

Now, republicans don’t want cuts because most cuts will come from the Pentagon.  Mitt Romney has called these minor cuts to the budget “devastating.”   Yet, the cuts won’t affect service member pay or the hot wars we are fighting.  Over the next ten years, less than ten percent of a growing defense budget will be cut.  At the same time, America will continue to enjoy one hundred years of prior defense spending, remain the largest spender in the world on national security as well as keeping troops, ships and planes, um … everywhere.  In short, these cuts will not present a danger to America.  Our national defense is too powerful to be rendered impotent by such minor cuts.

America is going bankrupt, yet we continue to spend hundreds of billions on overseas expenditures.  China wants us to keep spending what we don’t have on national defense.  They know that a weak dollar is the best national defense China can have against the United States.

Republicans seem to have forgotten the lesson of the Cold War.  The Soviets kept spending in an arms war, but they spent themselves into bankruptcy and their empire collapsed.  Ronald Reagan knew this.  Every country has a limit.  Reagan Republicans must accept that so do we.

Cutting spending is what we stand for.  If republicans wanted a different policy, they should have stood their ground last year against the President.  But they ran home with their tail between their legs and must now pay the consequences of striking a deal against their interests out of desperation.

Politico is reporting that unnamed Senate Fiscal hawks in the Republican Caucus are moving to keep Sequestration cuts when the greater party tries to back away from these cuts before the end of the year.  Our fearless leader, John McCain and his faithful sidekick Lindsey Graham are already advocating TAX increases to pay for more overseas war spending.

But we can’t let them.

There is a new breed of republican in town and we value balanced budgets more than extraneous military spending.  As long as our troops, our country and our interests remain safe, we can afford to cut spending.  Republicans can crow that all of these things are at risk, but they can’t prove it.  Until they can we have to make these cuts.  If not, what are we going to do, hope that we can beat Hillary in 2016 and then implement cuts? Wait until 2020 or 2024 when we get a super majority in Congress?  No.  Cuts need to happen in 2012 and if Republicans hold strong, they will be seen as the responsible adults, while Obama will be seen as a weak Democrat president that allowed defense spending to be cut.

We can make Obama look weak on defense and get our tax cuts through, but we have to be disciplined and we have to make sure these cuts stay in place rather than an empty promise of cutting future cuts or increases.  The 2010 Tea Party Revolution can’t have been for naught.  This must be our first lasting victory.

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