Opinion on healthcare bill

    Recently I have been engaged in multiple discussions concerning the H.R. 3200 – America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009.  In this I will attempt to combine these separate discussions into this one article in hopes of being able to direct those who would wish to debate the issue to this post. I will not begin by providing a biography or background of myself in | Read More »

    Morality is vital to the continuance of a free nation

    In 1787, the year our nation’s constitution was written and approved by Congress, this same Congress passed the Northwest Ordinance. This Ordinance stressed the importance of religion and morals to be taught in schools, saying in Article 3: Religion, morality, and knowledge being necessary to good government and the happiness of mankind, schools and the means of education shall forever be encouraged. (George B. de | Read More »

    Wayne County Executive Committee of West Virginia Passes Resolution

    PRESS RELEASE Contact: Glendon Watts FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Phone: (304)416-XXXX 3:00 P.M. April 15, 2009 WAYNE COUNTY REPUBLICAN EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE PASSES RESOLUTION With strong support, the Wayne County Republican Executive Committee voted in favor of a resolution last evening by a vote of 6 to 1 after a passionate debate during their monthly meeting. The resolution, proposed by one of the members of the committee, | Read More »

    Proposed Resolution

    The following is a resolution that I proposed at our last committee meeting.  It was tabled so that one individual could read it before we voted to adopt it.  Out of the several that usually come to the monthly meetings, this one individual is the only voting member that is against adopting it. WCREC Resolution No.: 09/00001 Date: 10 March 2009 Authored By: Glendon D. | Read More »

    Union Attacks

    I have just received an unconfirmed report of what can only be described as “union attacks.”  These attacks are described as two or three bus loads of individuals coming into a large retail corporation’s store chain, within the Ohio Valley region, and turning over racks and shelves of merchandise in order to intimidate the employees into voting for a measure that would permanently embed the | Read More »

    Putting words into actions

    Where to begin…..If anyone actually read my first post you will understand me when I say that I am actually acting upon what I have said instead of simply shouting out my frustrations. I have become a voting member of my county’s Republican committee and have just attended the West Virginia State Republican Committee’s Winter meeting that was held just this past Saturday. Not only | Read More »


    Even within the members of my own family do I find that hypocrisy runs rampant when it comes to standing up for what we believe.  We’ve all heard of the “fair weather protesters”, those who will demonstrate against various issues but only so long as the weather cooperates.  Such is the case, in a manner of speaking, when it comes to standing up for what | Read More »

    Bailout Update

    In my previous post I said that I hadn’t heard any senator say that they were against this bill because it wasn’t the role of government.  I would like to say that I just heard Senator Jim DeMint state this very thing.  Thank you Senator, thank you for standing by true American ideals.

    Bailout Fails in Senate

    Major victory!! It is needless to say that I am pleased with this outcome; however, nowhere, NOWHERE, have I heard or read where the bailout failed because it is unconstitutional! Surely, I am not the only one that has noticed this? Are there any senators that voted against the bill due to the fact that it’s a socialist measure?? If so, I haven’t heard any | Read More »

    Random Thoughts – prayers & supplications

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