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    10 Questions for Obama’s Thursday Press Conference

    1. Did the White House receive letters, phone calls, emails, or other pressure from Democrat lawmakers demanding audits of “tea party” groups? Obviously, leading Democrats were calling for audits. How did the Administration handle the pressure … or was it colluding with them? 2. If so, which Democrat lawmakers and what was the White House’s response? We need names, emails, visitor logs, phone records, etc. | Read More »

    Making California Matter in 2016 (No, I Have Not Been Drinking)

    So happy to see movement among Midwest legislators to move to a system of awarding votes in the Electoral College by Congressional District! But no one is talking about the largest electoral prize in the nation:  California. California has 55 electoral votes and within those 55 votes there is a ton of opportunity.  Stop laughing!  For example, California screamed “revenge!” when Bush 43 beat Gore | Read More »

    Being Phil Mickelson

    My first diary on RedState! The fruits of tax-and-spend fiscal policy came into full view this week in California when golfer Phil Mickelson threw his hands up and more or less said two-thirds of his taxes are too much and he dis going to make changes in his domicile. Some background:  California’s Prop 30 passed in November, stealing 13% of Mr. Mickelson’s income every year | Read More »