Wary of Dems stealing MN Senate race

    I’ve been reading some blog quotes and some online news reports about Minnesota’s tight U.S. Senate race between Coleman and Franken. It seems that the recount will take 2 weeks to set up, which leads me to be very concerned of WHY it takes 2 weeks to recount ballots and WHAT ‘surprise’ ballots that ACORN and other liberal operatives can come up with between now | Read More »

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    Our turn to be mean, nasty and obstructionist

    Get on the phones and call your GOP Senator or Representative. Tell them it’s our turn now. It’s our turn to be as obstructionist as possible. Time to lock up legistlation in committees. Time to filibuster judicial nominees. Time to say we can’t accept nominees who aren’t ‘consensus’ nonminees. Time to act like 5-year-olds and have a member of the Senate show up during recesses | Read More »


    Bizarre spectacle of Dem youth tools outside White House

    I saw on FOX NEWS last night that masses of Georgetown University students and others took to the streets outside the White House shouting chants of “Obama! Obama! Obama!” Apparently they did this sometime after THE ONE was declared winner of the presidential election. How bizarre are these kids and their Democrat masters? Bush isn’t on the ballot and Obama wasn’t running against Bush, yet | Read More »

    Senate GOP take a page from Dems and filibuster judges

    Well, that was surprising to who? Not me. Now I want to encourage all my fellow conservatives to call their senators and advise them that BI-PARTISANSHIP will not be tolerated. I want Republican Senators to give the Democrats in the U.S. Senate a taste of their own medicine and FILIBUSTER every single judge that President Obama sends. And when the press asks WHY, I want | Read More »

    Wrote-in Mitt Romney for President

    Voted around 10:20 CST this morning and cast my first-ever write-in vote for Mitt Romney. Yes, I have struggled with the thought of an Obama presidency. In the end it was McCain’s failure to support his party and president over the past 8 years that pushed my hand. The ‘Gang of 14′ backstab was what hurt McCain the most. He lost a lot of support | Read More »

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    McCain is losing because he refuses to fight, much like the national GOP

    As everyone here can attest, I am NOT a McCain fan. I haven’t been a fan since before the ‘Gang of 14′ and will never be a fan since that horrible betrayal. Despite my unfavorable opinion (or maybe in light of it), it surprises me to see Senator McCain working so hard to loose this election by failing to take the fight to his Democratic | Read More »

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    This site is horrible for posting, responding and just logging in!

    I’ve been trying to sign back in for over 1/2 hour and now that FINALLY logged in, I can’t even respond to a poster who responded to my post. This site has some MAJOR operational issues. I’m done here. Get this mess fixed or risk losing more posters.

    I’m sick of the LIES about the state of our economy

    When oh when will the idiot GOP learn to quit accepting the premises of the leftwing media and start defending the sound U.S. economy? For the past 7 1/2 years Americans have been led to believe that our nation is on the verge of economic collapse. This is nonsense. The economy has been growing steadiliy since 2003-2004, and there has been NO RECESSION since early | Read More »

    A retort to Oliver Stone’s historical revisionists nonsense

    Got a great idea. Since UFO boy Oliver Stone is coming out with a satirical movie that lampoons and distorts the person and family of President George W. Bush, I suggest conservatives out there donate $ to fund a movie called Billy Jeff that caricatures President Willam Jefferson Clinton. What do you think our ‘objective’ media friends who see no problem with broadcasting lies about | Read More »

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    Breaking News – Dems to let offshore oil ban expire! AP has details

    Just saw this article on Yahoo. I have the link and included the title and writer of the article. Check it out. If true, this is a HUGE victory for our side.