Nevada Democratic caucus votes

    With 69% of the vote in, Hillary leads Bernie about 4400 to 4000. I couldn’t help but notice the vote totals. Those totals mean they expect (getting out the calculator) about 12,000 votes total. Really?? According to the Nevada Secretary of State official statistics, there are 471,342 registered Democrats in the state. Only about 12,000 came to the caucus. That is roughly 2.5% participation. That | Read More »

    Difference between Federal and Local Government in one day.

    My kids, who are all grown, ask me why I am not a fan of a large Federal government involved in all of your business. Today illustrates the difference well: I get up this morning with three errands to complete (prepare to wince): 1) Go to the IRS office to drop off an estimated tax payment, 2) Go to the city auditors office (in a | Read More »

    Vandalism? Terrorism? War? or a Crime?

    When the federal government recently accused the North Korean government of participating in the computer hacking of the Sony Corporation as a response to the release of The Interview, varying pundits called the action: “an act of war” “cyber terrorism”, “cyber crime” and President Obama called it “vandalism” and promised a “proportional response”. Interestingly enough, the President stated that the public may not even be | Read More »

    Performance Enhancing Drugs or Medicine?

    The current performance enhancing drug scandal in major league baseball, which includes a number of players (most notably Alex Rodriguez) and the recent issue of Lance Armstrong Michael Rasmussen, Floyd Landis, and 20-30 other Tour de France riders, are sometimes not completely black and white issues, as they are usually portrayed in the media. Advances in medical technology are introducing new ethical questions as developments | Read More »

    Electronic Medical Records, Loss of Privacy and Cost Savings

    The infamous “stimulus” bill has about $19 billion in it for implementation of technology to improve safety and connectivity. A substantial portion of that funding is for electronic medical records. Per CNS news, about $5.7 billion in incentive payments has been spent so far. In order to provide the desired connectivity, either a physical or virtual central repository of healthcare patient information must be established. | Read More »

    VP sweepstakes, McDonnell makes the most sense.

    One thing I never see mentioned among all the pundits regarding the potential VP nominees is that taking control of the Senate is also a huge issue. These two considerations of candidate and taking the Senate intersect at the potential VP pick. If you have a popular sitting Republican Senator, such as Marco Rubio, Kelly Ayotte, or Rob Portman  selected to be the Vice Presidential | Read More »

    Wonder if the President heard Hillary?

    In an interview, along with Jim Baker at the State Department, on the Charlie Rose program today, both Secretary Clinton and former Secretary Baker were discussing Pakistan and what to do about our policies there. During the discussion, Secretary of State Clinton raised her voice and said that the strongest obligations of a sovereign nation were to 1) “protect the people” and to 2) “secure | Read More »

    Juan Williams – a neuron short of a synapse

    So, Juan Williams is carrying the President’s water on the O’Reilly Factor and he justifies the President unilaterally deciding which laws to enforce (Defense of Marriage, Immigration, etc.) by saying that the President can’t get them passed in Congress. How does this guy get on television since he clearly has no understanding of the US Constitution? When it was pointed out on the show, he | Read More »

    The Ignored Silent Evil Gorilla in Obamacare

    While everyone is debating the individual mandate and the cost fallacies in the Affordable Healthcare Act, one of the most potentially damaging aspects of the bills is being largely ignored. The idea that a bill can be passed in Congress which would have wording that states it can never be repealed or changed is insane. The founders of this country meant for making and changing | Read More »

    Health Care Insurance Fell Off The Rails

    With the current review of the Affordable Healthcare Act (which is anything but affordable), most of the political posturing about health insurance reform has now gone back to the old political methods of presenting heart-wrenching cases as justification for sweeping reform. It is much akin to how the media produces a sad case to promote their agenda. During the middle of the Bush administration, when | Read More »