While "give me liberty or give me death" has been cited as the phrase most connected to the name of Patrick Henry, more people should be aware that in addition to being cited as "the orator" of the American revolution, Henry also is the father of the First Amendment and its proviso barring the federal government's interference with the practice of religion. My purpose here is to be an advocate for that branch of the conservative philosophy most often relegated to the "back of the bus" - what in the past has been called "traditional values" or these days the "values voters." If law is not based foremost, upon right and wrong according to the Highest Law given us by our Creator, then the foundation is built on sand. While economics and national defense are of course, also very important, these two issues can also be approached from a "values voter" standpoint as well. It is our belief that the American Founding Fathers were the first "values voters" in the United States. I am especially on the lookout for more conservative friends on Facebook, especially those who live in PA or who actively promote our cause using REDSTATE and/or Facebook: A list of my RED STATE articles can be found at: