Soviet Economist Agrees with Reagan: USSR was an “Evil Empire”

I print this largely because I know that it will be a source of unending frustration for the liberals of our country, but a leading economist from the former Soviet Union agrees with Ronald Reagan, and labels the former Soviet Union an “Evil Empire.” Reagan’s labeling of the Soviet Union as an “evil empire” has drawn criticism from the left wing ever since Reagan spoke these iconic words in his famous speech given March 8, 1983.

The Russian economist in question is named Yuri Maltsev. Maltsev was an economist in the former USSR under Gorbachev at the Russian Academy of Sciences. He is more than qualified to speak on the subject and has written at lengths about the millions of people killed by the communist regime of the former USSR. He witnessed the bodies piling up to the sky under the poisonous, left wing scheme of central planning. In a truly amazing article from mises.org, Maltsev offers his definitive, argument shattering analysis:

“…..the primary problem in the Soviet Union was socialism, and it is still far from being dismantled in the nations that once made up that evil empire .”

(Emphasis added)

The criticism of Reagan’s words has ranged far and wide, coming from sources including the liberal media and liberal academia. As a young man in the 1990s, one of the harshest rebukes of Reagan’s phrase I heard came to me from the uber-cool band Rage Against the Machine.  C’mon, I was a teenager. With a sarcastic twist, they named their second major label album “Evil Empire.” It was released in 1996. As a wiser adult, I recognized Rage Against the Machine’s album title as the further indoctrination of the youth through cool social outlets such as music and TV. After all, Rage also endorsed mass murderer Che Guevara, a man who had many people executed, wanted to nuke America in 1962, and helped to drive Cuba into abject poverty, while Reagan’s America soared ever-higher into prosperity on the same time line.

I suppose what the left is getting at is the idea that Reagan’s words were hypocritical, and that America was an “evil empire” itself, which is not true. I keep trying to conjure up examples of times in the Cold War, when America was mismanaging its economy, both intentionally and unintentionally, and laying waste to tens of millions of people. Ideas of America’s capitalist ideology piling bodies up to the sky and soldiering onwards just aren’t coming to me. That image comes quickly to me when imagining Stalin, Krushchev, and even Gorbachev (as Maltsev points out), but not really America. In his article, Maltsev also states:

“In the name of Marxism, the death toll reached 100 million; the rivers of blood flowed from Russia to Kampuchea, from China to Czechoslovakia.”

The article also serves as the introduction to the book “Requiem for Marx.”

I suppose the left could argue that America’s hegemony in Latin America drove the region into the depressed state that it is currently in. However, according to Maltsev, the communist/socialist system of central planning is the main driver behind the poverty of left wing countries-not so much their relationship with foreign countries. Also, if Latin American countries could thrive if they could just divorce themselves from America, why isn’t Cuba thriving right now? They have economic isolation and “freedom” from the “blood sucking capitalist regime” of America, yet they are kneck deep in the muck of depressing poverty. I’d love to ask Cubans how that glorious freedom that Che and Castro granted them feels.

To recap, everyone who reads this needs to read Yuri Maltsev’s article, which I will provide a link to, that is available through mises.org. When I think of the Leftists taking ideological arms against Reagan’s stance in the Cold War, the term “useful idiot” starts ringing in my mind.


Yuri Maltsev’s article: http://mises.org/daily/3105

Reagan’s “Evil Empire” Speech: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=do0x-Egc6oA

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