Wisconsin Teachers Skip School

So, to wrap up the week with the Wisconsin school protests, let me outline some of the salient points-some of the things that stick out in my mind. What I seem to remember is that Wisconsin is $3.6 billion in debt, and the teachers are arguing for more spending, while the rest of the country cuts back. If these people bothered to educate themselves a little more, they would see that their economic policy is hauntingly similar to that of the USSR. Ignore reality, keep spending. Everything is “too big to fail,” including government worker pension programs.

The next thing that sticks out in my mind is the image of teachers skipping work (skipping school if you will)- many of them bringing their own students-and getting fake doctor’s notes to pretend like they were sick. Awesome. The irony is towering up to the sky. Isn’t it students who are famous for feigning illness, in order to skip school? Wouldn’t they jump at the idea of getting a fake doctor’s note? Are these seriously the values that liberal teachers want to instill in kids? Ah yes, once again, the liberals are doing selfish things and passing them off as altrustic. They have done this so much since the 1960s, that it is ingrained in our culture. This reminds me of the time last November when Democratic lawmakers sought to bring young people to the polls by tempting them with the idea of legalizing drugs. I’m serious, this was their official strategy-look it up. Every single teacher and doctor who participated in this scam needs to be written up, and probably fired. When do we decide that we have given liberals enough leash, and they can’t keep doing immoral things in the name of free speech? When do we say that it’s not righteous protest anymore? Seriously, whoever reads this, join me in calling Wisconsin school boards and medical licensing boards.

The next point that sticks out in my mind, which I partially covered in the sphere of my previous argument, is the fact that many liberal teachers brought their kids to the protest. What kid in his right mind would go to the protest, and side against his teacher? Any kid who wants to pass, that is. As a 12-year-old, would you seriously go to a protest with your 40 year old teacher, speak out against him, and take up sides with the Tea Party, and against him at the protest? I wouldn’t. I wanted to get into a good college pretty badly at that age, and I was ready to agree with whatever my teachers had to say. When they said “jump,” I said “how high?” What I’m saying is that conservative parents should not be surprised if their children come home with a liberal slant on this issue. Spectacular.

So, let’s back up, and get this scam straight-the teachers skip work for their own selfish reasons, bring their kids along so they can bring larger numbers to the walkout, pass it off as righteous protest, and then procure a fake doctor’s note so they can skip work? Gotcha.

Then there’s the economic side. In Wisconsin, teachers are compensated on average $78,000 for working 180 days, roughly 2/3 of a full work year for the average American. The average American makes roughly $50,000 for working a full year. We are also in the midst of a major recession-the worst since the Great Depression.

Added to all of this are the funny, stupid little tidbits like liberal teachers carrying signs claiming that “Hitler shut down unions too.” Nevermind the fact that Hitler was a socialist, and heavily pro-union. While we’re at it, why don’t we nail that one to the wall? Hitler was a socialist. An economic left-winger. A socialist. Nazi is an abbreviation for NSDAP, which stands for  National Socialist German Workers Party (National Sozialistsche Deutsche Arbeiterpartei in German). Yes, he shut down the unions he didn’t agree with, but replaced them with ones that he did agree with. I don’t think he ever advocated for ridding Germany of labor unions. The liberal Wisconsin teachers are up against Tea Party conservatives, who mostly want to eliminate public sector unions entirely, or at the very least their guaranteed pensions, and ability to collectively bargain. To sum it up quickly:

1. Fire all of the teachers who skipped work

2. Revoke the licenses of all the doctors who aided them, and

3. As in the private sector, fire all the people who won’t stop whining about taking a pay cut.

I think I need to go lay down, the whole thing is making my head spin.

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