Donald Trump?

Here is the deal-this is how I feel about Donald Trump. I’m pretty damn happy that there is a high profile conservative out there that is being noisy as hell. The liberals are getting a taste of their own medicine in seeing a conservative going on TV and shouting into a megaphone about his beliefs. After a lifetime in which all of the celebrities and high profile people have been annoyingly liberal-think Jane chi minh Fonda-I’m pretty happy and relieved that there is a guy who is firing off about how he wants to restore American pride. Just on that pure little fact, I like the Donald. I’m also inclined to agree with Ronald Reagan when he said that we should speak no evil about another conservative. I envision  the conservatives of this country banding together in a unified front and backing all of our guys and girls. I see us as storming across the cultural landscape of this country and clamoring louder and louder until it is clear that we want conservative celebrities on TV and  in our political institutions. I love that the liberal media would ignore the Donald if they could, but his face is ratings gold, and they can’t ignore him. That being said, I will offer my honest appraisal of the Donald, but I will come down on his side.

I am not immune to thinking that Donald has slightly shifted with the political winds in this country. From what I can understand, Trump used to be pro-choice, is now pro-life and has also donated to some prominent Democrats in their political campaigns. I have to admit that it is also a little funny that he goes on shows to not promote “The Apprentice” which is number one in the ratings and is on at 10, 9 central on NBC and features Gene Simmons of Kiss.

But seriously, I just think that the future president shouldn’t really be doing product plugs while also talking about his political agenda. That is just me-I think it dumps gas on the fire of the notion that he is simply doing this to promote his ego. At the end of the day, though it is undeniable that he has “cleaned up” his conservatism for us, and he really didn’t have to do this. In this universe, when the cosmic dice are rolled, they don’t have to come up in my favor-Donald could have as easily been a liberal, and I’m thankful that he is basically a conservative and he’s siding with conservatism when he realizes that his former stance doesn’t pass muster. At least he’s picking sides and landing on ours. The depth of his convictions is definitely something that can be questioned, though.

At the end of the day, I’m happy that Donald Trump is pushing conservative ideas into the forefront, and that he’s using his celebrity to send a shockwave of conservative ideas into the public consciousness. I do think, however that he would function best as a spokesman for the conservative movement, a pundit of sorts, and as a person who paves the way for the real conservative presidential candidate-hopefully Allen West or the like. I see the Donald as a man who is making the world safe for conservatism again, but not an actual presidential candidate.

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