According to recent information, Osama bin Laden was killed by the use of information that was obtained by “enhanced interrogation techniques” at Guntanamo Bay Prison. Details are sketchy right at the moment, as this article is going to press the day after America has learned of bin Laden’s killing-but this report appears to be true. “Enhanced interrogation techniques” can be assumed to be waterboarding, or some other form of torture. This information is such a strong rebuke against people who want to close Gitmo that it is eye-watering.

With no sense of sarcasm, many on the left called for both closing Guantanamo Bay Prison, and an end to the use of waterboarding. Osama bin Laden was caught and killed through the usage of both things. Apparently, al Qaeda terrorists were waterboarded at Guantanamo Bay, and they confessed to the CIA the identity of Osama bin Laden’s messenger. From there, the CIA began to track bin Laden’s messenger in Pakistan. The CIA tracked the messenger to Osama bin Laden’s compound, and sent in the Navy Seals to kill him. The Seals, possibly the most elite warriors on the planet, went in with guns blazing and took bin Laden out. America had now achieved one of the biggest military victories since World War II.

Sadly, the left in America was so naive in its thinking, that the closing of Gitmo and possible end of waterboarding were two of the things that got Obama elected. His promises to do so were undoubtedly things that contributed to him winning his Nobel Peace Prize.

At the height of the liberals’ treason, actor Matt Damon stated that he thought that Dick Cheney should be waterboarded when asked the question by Chris Matthews. If that had happened and presumably George Bush had stopped waterboarding terrorists, Osama bin Laden would still be alive and plotting his next attack against America-maybe with nuclear weapons. Waterboarding also led to the blocking of a 9/11 style attack on Los Angeles which saved thousands of lives. It looks as though Matt Damon wanted to get thousands and thousands of Americans killed. For someone who went to Harvard, Matt Damon seems awfully dumb. It blows me away that his “Good Will Hunting” brain couldn’t figure that out. The thing is that I know that he can figure that out, and he has simply been brainwashed by the Saul Alinsky elements of our society. All the liberals on the left with Matt Damon ought to be branded traitors along with him. And to think-many a conservative’s career has been ended when liberal Hollywood simply learned that they voted Republican.

The sad thing is that many of the people celebrating out in the streets today over bin Laden’s death are undoubtedly some of the people who called for the closing of Gitmo and an end to waterboarding. This is a massive triumph for conservatives, and I’m interested to see how the Liberal Media will spin this. Will Chris Matthews pretend like he didn’t ask Matt Damon if he thought that George Bush ought to be waterboarded? I”m checking to see the blush on Chris Matthews’s face over the next few weeks, when he sees that he greatly aided Osama bin Laden, and almost helped him escape.

In any event, we now see that waterboarding and Guantanamo Bay are essential tools for winning the War on Terror, and this is one of the biggest defeats for the liberals ever in the information war. Undoubtedly, America needs to reduce its footprint in the Middle East and eliminate the things that draw the ire of Arab terrorists in the future, but at the same time, we really can’t stand down, and allow the terrorists military victories. I believe that we need to sprint to the finish in destroying al Qaeda, but then focus on a withdrawal from the Middle East, and we need to stop funding Israel. Their problems are their problems, and there is no need to let them draw us into war after war on their behalf. Israel could cover the $2-3 billion we give them every year by taxing their citizens more. Osama bin Laden stated on several occasions that his reasoning for attacking America was the fact that America supports Israel. And certainly, America doesn’t owe Israel any favors.

In short, this is a triumph, and America is rightfully celebrating, but we definitely need to remember the lessons of the past. When we have an enemy, we commit, and we do anything in order to win. The worst thing we can do is commit halfheartedly, and allow the liberals’ treason to continue. Basically, Matt Damon and Chris Matthews need to shut up, or move into bin Laden’s hideout.

God Bless America. Ronald Reagan 2011 AD