Christians and Capitalists Should Come Out of the Closet

As we enter a new age of tolerance and open-mindedness, it appears as though it is perfectly okay for atheists and gays to “come out of the closet.” When they do, it is expected of everyone that they should be tolerant towards these people. America has reached a high water mark of open-mindedness and tolerance, right? Well then, why is it that if someone opens up about loving capitalism, or being Christian, 9 times out of 10, they will receive a rebuke, or at least a word of disagreement from their left wing friends? Isn’t that intolerance? Isn’t that being close-minded about someone else’s lifestyle or belief systems? What if somebody were to offer the same response to someone who were openly gay? Aren’t we deciding that that is not acceptable?

What it boils down to is that we are having a culture war between religion and atheism, heterosexuality and homosexuality, capitalism and socialism. I don’t agree with everything that Pat Buchanan says, but he was right when he stated that culture wars do not lend themselves to peaceful coexistence. Only one side wins. We have experienced a paradigm shift, and we are entering an era in which it is beginning to be unacceptable for teenagers to be straight, and they must be gay/bisexual. The preferred method for enforcing this paradigm is peer pressure. However, this is the way that it always is. Anyone looking for the legal cause or cause that relates to traditional authority is searching in vain. The pressure placed on kids is exerted from cultural outlets, like TV, internet, movies, and universities. If I were a young man today, I would be raging against the gay, left wing agenda. I would probably wear shirts that said “straight pride” or “Christian” on them. I would not go quietly into that good night. Why should conservative, Christian kids forced into a lifestyle that they hate? Isn’t that kind of abusive? I understand that certain high schools have asked their kids to wear the gay pride color of purple on occasion. I myself find this to be sexual harassment. Pressuring a kid into a sex related situation he doesn’t want to be in? Are you kidding? What kind of a response with these teachers get if they were pressuring kids into wearing crosses?

Anyone looking into this would be very interested by Pat Buchanan’s video concerning cultural Marxism, which I will include here: http://youtu.be/COFxTEo31Y8

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