It saddens me that I have to write this article, but apparently I need to raise awareness in defense of good old capitalist-style corporations. Since the day I was born (okay, maybe it was a few years later than that) I have been baffled by the idea that liberals and counterculturalists seem to think that big successful businesses like corporations are the bane of their existence. It could very well be that they are the victims of the leftist, Marxist brainwashing that has gone on in this country for decades. I’m not really sure how to state this, but have these people noticed that the richest countries in the world are the ones that have the biggest corporations? Is it their goal to make us poorer by destroying these corporations? Are they excited to bring down our standard of living? Don’t they want the higher standard of healthcare and education that indutrialized countries have? And are they so brainwashed as to think that tiny mom-and-pop stores really put out a better product?

Let’s go through a thought experiment-a hypothetical scenario. You are the owner of a very small mom-and-pop outfit. However, whatever it is that you’re selling has really struck a nerve. What starts out as five people walking through the door in a day quickly turns into 100, then it turns into 1,000. It really seems as though you are offering a product that people are dying for. As sales skyrocket, everybody at your store works much harder, and soon, you must actually expand your workforce, and hire more people. This includes floor associates, and management. In other words, the business is growing. Soon, it becomes obvious that you are offering such a desirable product, and profits are so high, that it becomes apparent that you can branch out, and franchise. Before you know it, you have a huge, massive, successful corporation. My question to liberals is: isn’t it obvious that you deserve all the money you made? Doesn’t it feel like you and all of your employees worked harder as the company became more successful? Don’t you feel quite certain that you didn’t coerce anybody into buying your product? I mean they walked through the door, didn’t they? My question to liberals is: can’t you feel the difference between being a mom-and-pop operation and a huge corporation? Doesn’t it feel like you are a more efficient company than a mom-and-pop operation, and that your existence is more justified than theirs? So, why does anyone favor their existence over yours? My answer is: jealousy, but that’s just me. It is up to you to decide if that theory holds true. Have these people not noticed that Africa has very few corporations, and it is also very poor? The argument is more complex than that, and  more closely relates to natural resources in my opinion, but there is definitely a direct correlation between corporations and wealth. At the end of the day, corporations are simply huge, successful, efficient businesses, and color me crazy, but I think that is a good thing. I personally feel pretty blessed to live in a country where we have huge, successful businesses, and it is okay to sell tons of stuff to people.