Priority One for 2012: Detox the spendoholics in congress

    Romney – The establishment’s first choice (not going to do it) Newt – The establishment’s second choice (not going to do it)  Out of the candidates we have left there is only one that has a governing record of accomplishing this task, Rick Perry. I do not like his immigration positions. I do not like his debating skills. I do believe he is a man | Read More »

    The force of “I”, instead of the freedom of “We” (Obama’s Speech)

    “I spoke here last winter” “I will not let up” “I can stand here” “I am determined to be the last” “I have said” “The plan I’m announcing” “I believe” “I have no doubt” “I realize” “I want to clear up” “I have no interest” “I would remind” “I will make sure” “I will not sign” “I faced” “I will protect” “I don’t believe” “I | Read More »


    Christians Stand up, Stand up & Fight!

    The words of John McCain stirred my heart this election season, and I have not forgotten them. Fellow Christians there is still many battles to fight, and a war to win over the heart of American. We can not go quietly into the wilderness in a time that our nation so desperately needs us the most. Now is the time to put your armor on | Read More »

    Tonight should be about pork!

    McCain needs to make it simple for Americans. He must not come across to aggressive, although I wish he could get away with it. The focus groups have shown that they get turned off by the candidates personally attaching one another. I personally don’t think McCain has to get aggressive because I think he is in a great position to simply promote Obama as another | Read More »

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    I saw a fighter!

    While her first public interview, since McCain introduced this wonderful woman to the American people as his VP running mate, was not as polished as most would like to have seen, I saw something in her interview that continues to feed the fire of enthusiasm I now have for the Republican ticket. It wasn’t her stance on the issues (although I think she did fine) | Read More »


    That Which Lies Within.

    There is something dark that lies within. So subtle, so reclusive, and so deceitful many never fully acknowledge its existence, nor the power it wields over their lives. It feeds thoughts to the mind, and when credence is given to those thoughts it then drives actions. You’ve seen its working in your own family, our nation, and the world. You’ve seen the wake of its | Read More »