Harry Beadle is an award-winning journalist and former News Anchor for the CNN Radio Network.


    Traditional Conservative Beliefs

    (Author’s note:  this originated as an information page on my website.  I decided to post it as an “essay” after receiving repeated inquiries from folks who had not seen the info page and wondered what exactly is a “traditional conservative?”) Traditional Conservatives – some call us Old Right or Paleo-Conservatives – could be thought of as the closest intellectual, moral, and political living kin of | Read More »

    Wrong Question

    You see and hear the question all the time on bumper stickers, social media, personal and organizational websites and posed on radio and television talk shows:  What Would Reagan Do?  This invocation of the name of the late President Ronald Reagan always is asked to challenge the latest Liberal-Progressive fantasy that has been unleashed on the American people.   And whether it is intended or | Read More »

    For What I Am Thinking

    Two recent events have given the Left an excuse to launch a new broadside of “hate” charges against Conservatives.  One is the order from the White House to the Department of Justice to no longer defend the Defense of Marriage Act.  Another is the repeal by the recently-replaced lame-duck 111th Congress of the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy for homosexuals.  A number of Conservative | Read More »

    Granting a “Right” to Abortion is Far Above the Supreme Court’s Pay Grade

    Recent exposes involving Planned Parenthood and its support of abortions for underage girls have ignited a political firestorm among social conservatives and breathed life into a nation-wide campaign to eliminate taxpayer funding for the “family planning” organization.   Pro-life members of Congress also have introduced legislation to bar government subsidies for abortions and – with narrow exceptions – health plans that cover abortions.  State lawmakers | Read More »

    Principles over Party

    Principles over Party By Harry Beadle   Good grief!  The Tea Party movement has actually managed to pull Republicans’ collective fat out of … well, not the fire … more like the political landfill.  The GOP has taken control of the U.S. House and is in a much stronger position in the Senate.  That’s a start; but now what?   Despite the election of a | Read More »

    The networks DID understand the Restoring Honor rally

    A friend messaged me after Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor rally at the Lincoln Memorial, complaining that the various networks just didn’t understand what it was really about. The sad fact is, the networks did understand the rally.  But the fact also is, they’re “progressive” true believers. They just lie about it. I retired recently after 41 years in journalism, the last 13 as a news anchor | Read More »