Health care is not a right

    Health care is not a right. The topic came up again last night on Hannity. Hannity had a very interesting Great American Panel last night. Bob Beckel, Redstate’s own Erick Erickson, and singer/Playboy model Aubrey O’Day were the guests. After discussing a program that U.S. tax dollars are funding in Africa that provides sex education to 5-year olds, the talked turned to health care. O’Day | Read More »

    How GITMO could save America

    Cheney and Obama held their twin security/torture/GITMO speeches yesterday. Obama delivered his usual mesmerizing, self-centered speech, in which he complained about the “mess” that the previous adminstration had left him. As Politico points out, he’s given this type of speech before. In his speech, which had been booked weeks in advance, Cheney argued that the anger over waterboarding is “recklessness cloaked in righteousness”. But these | Read More »

    Soros bribes New York’s poor

    Soros Helps New York Charity Raise Record With $50 Million Gift is the headline for Bloomberg. The NY Times puts it this way Soros giving millions to city’s Robin Hood foundation. I suppose it’s nice when Soros and Tom Brokow can work together on something. NBC and Soros so seldom see eye to eye on anything. Turns out Brokow is on the board of the | Read More »

    Obama gets tough with California

    Noticed this on Drudge. It’s the LA Times’ most viewed story today, even though it’s not close to the top story on their front page. You think Californians might be worried? Another example of Obama strongarming his opponents. So much for state’s rights. Oh, and just to complete the trifecta, the wage cuts that Obama wants restored are to workers in the healthcare union.,0,4592200.story | Read More »

    After the Tea Party – What’s next?

    I went to the tax party here in Roanoke. It was great to see so many likeminded people, and to see everyone energized and ready to take action. So, what do we do with all of this energy? There are two ways to move government in a different direction. Change the mind of incumbents, or replace them. We should advance on both fronts. The Tea | Read More »

    Mr. Williams, the White House is on the line.

    The following conversation was NOT recorded. “Roy? Roy! I know you’re busy watching film on the Spartans, but the President would like to talk to you.” “Hello, Mr. President. It’s an honor to speak with you. How are things in Turkey?” “heheh. You prefer kobe steak. Yes sir, that’s a good one. I’m sorry to be short, Mr. President, but it’s a busy day for me. Did | Read More »

    Afghani immigration policy?

    A Bush-appointed judge decided today that detainees at Bagram in Afghanistan are not significantly different than those at GITMO, and so have the right to habeus corpus. This ruling was an expected result of earlier decisions granting rights to GITMO prisoners. The question is, where does it stop? We’re quickly reaching the point where the easiest way for a foreign national to earn the protection | Read More »

    NY Times: here’s a question you can ask

    I hear Helene Cooper at the NYT feels like Obama is giving the press the cold shoulder.  I’ll try not to laugh – clearly Ms. Cooper didn’t see the stories during the campaign, or just after the inauguration on that very topic. It seems that whenever a reporter momentarily escapes the orgasmic afterglow of electing “notBush”, they feel a sense of unease about this unproven | Read More »

    Who can the President fire?

    Here’s her column: Ann Coulter, as usual, brings a well-thought perspective to an issue. Remember the controversy over Bush firing Attorneys General? Here’s an article that might refresh your memory. There were Congressional hearings, demands that Bush remove his AG over the matter, and general outrage that Bush would overstep his authority by firing his own political appointees (seriously). This week, Obama fired Rick Wagoner. | Read More »

    Cantor disappoints, again

    Thanks to Michelle Malkin for getting the story out (after 10PM? Geez!) So, House member Eric Cantor (R-Va), voted Present for the Pay for Performance act. The act would give government the ability to set employee compensation at private firms.  From Reuters: The bill, which passed on a 247-171 vote, would give the U.S. Treasury broad powers to prohibit “unreasonable and excessive” compensation and bonuses | Read More »