I Must Need Counseling; This Story Made Me Bust Up In A Hysterical Fit Of Laughter

‘Martyrs’ List’ tallies Mahdi Army’s troubles”

Let that roll around in your brain a sec…

Bwahahahahahaha…I’m ok now, phhhhhhhhhhhhttttttttttttttttt… a ha ha ha ha ha….[big breath] BWAHHAHAHAAHAHAHHHAHHHAHAHA….ok-I’m composed…no really-hand me a napkin?

Apparently this Martyr gig is causing a snidge of a problem for Mookie’s army…phhhhhhhhhhhhtttttt…sorry…the more of them that kill themselves, the less they have to fight the war…bwahahahahahahahah….I just can’t stop…

Ya know, maybe-JUST maybe, this lunatic “Fundamentalist Jihad” thing is turning out to be a piss-poor strategy after all. Of course, what do I know.

Shiite rivals are waging gangland-style hits with diminishing fear of reprisals. Iraqi-led forces, meanwhile, are pressing their advantage against al-Sadr’s weakened network – militia cells, quasi-civic groups and street-level operatives who have all crafted reputations as the champions of the Shiite poor.Each chip in al-Sadr’s power base seems to tip the scales a bit more in favor of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and his pro-American allies. Most important, the shifts give the government more confidence and room to widen its influence over Shiite politics, the key to control of the country.As recently as this spring, the Mahdi Army still looked to be gaining ground on its dream of influencing Iraqi affairs the way Hezbollah exerts itself in Lebanon. Now, the al-Sadr leadership is penning more names onto its list and looking how to rebound.

These freaks are killing themselves faster than they can be replaced…seems to me to be a war of attrition at this point; kill enough of yourselves and you ain’t got no one left to fight against the infidel. I’m going out on a limb here, I know, but I’m willing to bet even money they’re runnin’ outta virgins (where ever it is they go after they blow themselves up) pretty quick too…it must really suck to “git r’ dun” only to wind up “gettin’ none” once they cross over…

A HA HA HA hahahahahah

This is too much…

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