I am a lifelong pro-lifer but spent about 20 years on the Left. In all that time, I never won a single convert (that I know of) to the pro-life cause. After two decades, I finally figured that if they were too clueless to see what was wrong with killing babies, maybe their views on other subjects were not to be trusted either. I watched with disgust as they tried to steal the 2000 election; and I was appalled at the Left's reaction to 9/11, which was to blame the victims and excuse the perpetrators. My awakening to see the errors of leftist thinking was due in no small part to my own life experiences: starting and running a small business; living in a small, agricultural, heartland community; and having children. Most importantly, after I, by the grace of God, acknowledged Jesus Christ as my savior, studied His Word, and joined the Church He founded, I was given new, spiritual eyes with which to see. Praise be to Him, who is the Way, the Truth and the Life!