Creeping Sharia reports on the recent efforts by Judicial Watch, the sharp-eyed organization that has investigated everything from Clinton-era scandals to ACORN voter-registration fraud.

Now Judicial Watch has taken on the shariah-promoters.

Judicial Watch announced last Thursday that it had filed a lawsuit against New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Iman Feisal Abdul Rauf seeking information about communications between them regarding an Islamic mosque and cultural center that Rauf plans to build a few blocks from Ground Zero.

Now Washington, D.C.-headquartered Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, has filed a petition with the New York State Supreme Court asking it to force Bloomberg to comply with a public records request for communications he had with Rauf and controversial Muslim groups, Judicial Watch said in a statement.

Judicial Watch filed a freedom of information request with Bloomberg’s office on Aug. 19. The Mayor’s office indicated it would supply the information in 20 days and failed to do so.

“Mayor Bloomberg’s support for the Ground Zero mosque needs to be fully explored. New Yorkers are going to want to know how closely he’s working with the radicals supporting the Ground Zero mosque,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “It is troubling that the Mayor’s office cannot be bothered to comply with the open records law. What is the Mayor’s office hiding?”

New York City — Jihadists’ Dream