Careless with the Constitution

    George Will, in his continuing efforts to protect the Washington establishment from the prospects of a McCain/Palin assault on Beltway politics, used his editorial space five days prior to a national election to launch another assault on the Republican ticket. In the column, which can be found here, Mr. Will asks, “Did McCain, who seems to think that Palin’s never having attended a ‘Georgetown cocktail | Read More »

    $300 Billion, Better Spent…

    Republican presidential candidate John McCain’s $300 billion proposal to buy up failing mortgages, announced during Tuesday’s debate, likely caused the likes of Milton Friedman and Ronald Reagan to do yet another flip in their respective graves. McCain’s proposals regarding the crisis thus far have not been infused with minimal-state, market-based solutions, which perhaps should not be surprising for a man who idolizes Theodore Roosevelt. But | Read More »

    McCain: Appoint a Treasury Secretary–Now

    Some unsolicited advice to John McCain, who has been candid in the past about his lack of familiarity with financial issues and fiscal policy: name your Treasury Secretary nominee now, and put him or her on the campaign trail. With the $700 billion financial bailout allowing nearly unfettered (and downright socialistic) discretion to the Treasury Secretary in fiscal regulatory policy, Treasury has become the most | Read More »

    On civics, the Constitution, the role of the VP

    One debater last night said this (paraphrased): “The duties of the VP in the executive branch are spelled out in Article 1 of the Constitution.” The statement was inaccurate on two levels. First, the first article creates the legislature, not the executive branch. Second, the only enumerated duty of the vice president is in fact in the first article, and it is a legislative, not | Read More »