VFW spitting on vets!!

    I’m highly pissed off right now after seeing the list of endorsements from the VFW-PAC. In NC, they are endorsing Etheridge, Price, Schuler, and Miller, to name a few. In FL, they are NOT endorsing West nor Rubio VFW-PAC’s lis contact info for VFW-PAC:  202-544-5868 (voicemail currently full) [email protected] H/T to

    The DE primary

    I don’t have much say regarding the winner & loser in DE, other than I hope that Castle would do the right thing now for the party and support O’Donnell. That being said, looking at the numbers from Total Repub votes for the Senate primary: 57,582 Total Dem votes for DE State Treasurer (one of two D primaries): 34,721 If O’Donnell can keep the | Read More »


    We should support the Honorable Mr. Etheridge

    There is no question that everyone should gather around the Honorable Mr. Etheridge.  He treated those 2nd class Republicans with the force they deserved.  How dare they accost him on the sidewalk with a camera and not identify themselves? They could have been a student as claimed, or a veteran, or an employee, a patient, an employer, or a voter, or even worse, one of | Read More »


    Who are you? Who are you?

    I’m a registered voter. I’m your employer. I’m a veteran. I’m a student. I’m an employee of a private entity. I’m a capitalist. I’m an investor. I’m an independent thinker. I’m a conservative. Mr. Etheridge, I’m your worst nightmare in November of 2010. I’m getting out the voters in 2010. From ColdWarrior ThePrecinctProject

    Etheridge(D-NC) assaults student on street Well overdue for Etheridge to leave the House and this video should be ammunition enough. Renee Ellmers is the Republican candidate for Bob Etheridge’s seat in US House District 2. Her webpage is:

    Wake Co GOP, NC calling for volunteers for Scott Brown, MA

    Got this email today from the Wake Co GOP: Republican volunteers have been asked to support Scott Brown, who is the Republican running for the Senate in Massachusetts to take the late Ted Kennedy’s seat held for 40+ years.  Recent polling numbers show that he is in a dead heat against the Democratic opponent, in a very Democratic state!  The special election is on January | Read More »

    “You guys make a pretty good photo op,” My anger at this president has been steadily burning and I think it started with the first bow to the Saudi’s.  That was a match to this fire.  Commanders do not bow to equals. Fuel was added when he discounted the tea party protests, both by his supposed ignorance and then his sexual innuendos.  The flames were being fanned.  Commanders do not insult their | Read More »

    Waxman drops a 300pg amendment on Cap-n-Trade

    Thanks to hotair for pointing this out in one of its updated blogs.. The text of the amendment is What I have so far found interesting begins on page 27: 14 “SEC. 216B. SITING AND CONSTRUCTION IN THE WESTERN 15 INTERCONNECTION. 16 “(a) APPLICABILITY.-This section applies only to 17 States located in the Western Interconnection and does 18 not apply to States located in | Read More »

    Shocking kids for fun & politics

    So a FL cop is fired for shocking two children during a ‘Take our Sons and Daughters’ to work day.,2933,518712,00.html Maybe if the FL cop had only shocked one child he’d still have his job. Where is the outrage from the D’s?  The cops should both have their jobs because in all cases the tasings were consensual. Snork.

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    2nd amendment under attack – H.R. 45

    Blair Holt’s Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009 (Introduced in House) It didn’t take long for the ruling party to introduce this legislation again.  Now with their “I won” mentality, this has a better chance of passing unless the R’s and some blue dogs get up in arms.