Political Fideism and Evangelization

    This is a touchy subject for a lot of people and before I leap into the lion’s den, allow me to say that I am doing my best to treat it with the care that it deserves.  Nonetheless, should you feel the need, flame away; I am thoroughly Nomex-covered.     Many people here in the RS community and throughout the general population feel what I | Read More »

    Greenpeace: An Old Heresy in a New Form

    First of all, apologies for my prolonged absence from RS.  Life sometimes gets in the way of blogging. “The best laid schems o’ mice an’ men gang aft agley” as Burns said.   On a more interesting note, however, in the wake of the so-called “Climategate” scandal, let’s check in on our friends from international terrorist eco-fascist organization Greenpeace: It seems that the upcoming Climate Change Conference | Read More »

    Strands of conservatism: a lesson in conservative thought; Conservative Ethics

    I appreciate the many comments and recommendations from RS readers for my first diary in this series. I seem to have set the bar rather high on the first entry; I only hope that I live up to your expectations for the remaining entries.

    Strands of conservatism: a lesson on conservative thought in four parts

    Recently, I have had the opportunity to joust with a few of our lefty lurker friends. Some of them have been quite courteous and seemed genuinely interested in what RS has to offer. Others have been – well, not so courteous. During the course of interacting with one of the less polite fellows, bs suggested that I expand my response describing conservatism and countering liberalism | Read More »

    The Coming Catholic Crisis

    Never in my life have I had the urge to do harm to the United States of America or its duly elected government. Never have I felt anything but pride for my nation. Never a day has gone by that I did not earnestly hope and pray for the success of my nation as the greatest country that God has ever given man. Within the | Read More »

    An American Knight passes into the Promised Land

    A true American patriot and hero passed from this world a week ago. Colonel John Ripley, also known as the Hero of Dong Ha, died peacefully at his home in Annapolis on October 28, 2008. Colonel Ripley represented the very best that America has to offer, physically (he was a graduate of the US Army Ranger School, Airborne School, US Marine Corps recon school, and | Read More »

    Hunting Season has just started

    Given the general mood of concern paired with optimism for the future, I felt that it would be productive – and possibly morale boosting – to start assembling our hit list for January when His Holiness, the President-Elect formally assumes office. Doing those of us on the Right a fairly big favor, the President-Elect has named Congressman Rahm Emanuel as his new Chief of Staff. | Read More »

    On the anniversary of a vital Christian event

    Today, August 15, is a very special date on the Roman Catholic liturgical calendar: it is a holy day, the Feast of the Assumption. Today and this entire weekend is also special to the Eastern Orthodox Church; they will be celebrating the Dormition of the Theotokos (literally the falling asleep in God of Mary, the Mother of God). While the two churches view the event | Read More »

    Mind-numbing stupidity about America’s faithful

    Justin Ewers of US Snooze & World Report published this interesting bit of selective fact finding/editorializing regarding the surprising shift of self-identified religious voters toward Barack Obama. Here’s the link to the original article.