“There Are Now Two Americas” – David Simon

    Via the DrudgeReport and the Guardian, a speech that was given by David Simon. The speech covered a lot of ground and brought out points that are troublesome to both liberals and conservatives. At the end of the speech, I was struck by three areas that were avoided: 1) Americans don’t appreciate that profit is necessary to continue producing products, goods and services, and | Read More »

    Why ACA must be repealed, not “fixed”.

    Obamacare is fundamentally flawed.  It was created by people who gave no thought to the efficiencies of free markets, who did not countenance wide debate on alternative ways to deliver health care to the poor, and who largely suckled the government teat for their own sustenance.  Trying to amend a bill which originated from such a narrow and deficient viewpoint would render making a silk | Read More »


    Going over the cliff…

    We acknowledge that the huge number of people on the government dole are unlikely to vote for those candidates ranting about big government. Unfortunately, there are also relatives and acquaitances of those on the government dole who will vote against anyone who openly threatens the “family” income. This unfortunate circumstance has put conservatives in the position of hanging onto the edge of a precipice by | Read More »

    ABC just lights me up!

    Drudge Report had a link leading to: Manure could prove farmers’ carbon cash cow courtesy of ABC.   I’m surprised that my fellow red staters didn’t jump all over this article as an example of the liberal mindset of MSM.  The article infers that the government knows more about economic incentives than farmers, but of course there are credits involved.  And there is also the matter | Read More »

    Rev. Al Sharpton joins President Obama’s immigration effort My first thought when I saw that headline was “Obama has subscribed to the theory that if you put a bunch of monkeys in a room with a piano, they will eventually create a symphony.” Now I’ve decided that is probably the way he has operated from Day 1.

    How many controllers does it take to land an airplane?

    The media is in a frenzy in their reporting of commercial airplanes landing while the airport traffic controllers were asleep.  As is usually the case, they are only reporting the most sensational aspect of the story. In every case of which I am aware, the controllers were asleep at airports which experience only a few landings per hour during the period when the sleeping occurred.   | Read More »

    In what sense is the government in charge of plugging the BP well?

    Or preventing market meltdowns?  Or undoing years of feel-good programs which are strategically wrong? My point is that government lacks the insight to anticipate disaster, and the imagination or will to implement any but the most ambiguous of programs.   In the ’60s, the growing importation of foreign oil was the expected result of our economic growth.  Fifty years later, nothing effective has been done about | Read More »

    IMF Weighs In On US Deficit

    Edmund Conway, Economics Editor of the Telegraph, discusses the IMF report showing that the US faces one of the biggest budget crunches in the world. The article is valuable as a marker against the political diatribe in our country.  That is, the article and the underlying statistics were created by those with little or no political interest in the discussion.   While interpretation of some | Read More »

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    [GASP] Goldman Sachs dared sell the housing bubble!

    MSM is frothing over the discovery of emails revealing that Goldman Sachs thought that the housing bubble was about to burst and acted on it.   Would one of my fellow RedStaters who has contacts with MSM please enlighten them about selling high and buying low? I’d like to insert a rant on  MSM not having a clue about economics, finance, ….  Feel free to help | Read More »

    Is the Canada Free Press legitimate?

    I’ve avoided worrying about Obama’s being a natural born citizen by thinking that surely election officials would have called foul before the election.  Now I see this in Google news: ” DC Knows that Obama is Ineligible for Office Canada Free Press – Jb Williams – ‎Apr 20, 2010‎ Members from all three branches of the Federal government already know that Barack Hussein Obama is | Read More »