Sarkozy 1, Zero 0

France to ban veil

French President Nicholas Sarkozy respects his own country, traditions, and himself.  That is why he followed his own conscience, and banned the veil and nijab from being worn in public in France.   Any one growing up in a western country knows this it is wrong for a woman to wear one of these things.  It just sticks out.  Although it is not always easy to get along with the opposite sex, you know God meant for you to try.  When I see one of these things, I see subjugation.  We ended that 150 years ago.  Seeing someone on the street with this outfit on, you might say, well, it’s another culture, they have a different way of doing things, they’ll change as their here longer.  No, they don’t change, because they are intimidated if they try, and are often beaten.  Yes, here in America.  And if I thought my impression may have been wrong, I do occasionally see the same person that was on the street, sitting I a corner of a convenience mart or at the checkstand, if the man is busy, with her face uncovered.  The Women are not happy campers.  Yes, I can tell that from the face.


My Father-in-Law was born and raised in Algeria.  He knows a lot about Arab culture.  He knows that the Hijab was originally given to women to wear for their own protection.  From the sun, and for keeping other men from getting ideas.  He also tells me the purpose of the turban.  You don’t pass out if you get hit in the head with a rock or a stick unexpectedly.  It’s wound many times.  Kind of like a football helmet.

It took guts for President Sarkozy to speak out on this.  It’s easier to pander.  He could have gone through his whole Presidency and not said a thing.  His father was born in Hungary, and knew what suppression was.  He was raised to be a man.  The French people knew him well, by the time he ran for President.  As a Minister, he had walked into a school building, that had been taken hostage by, well, jerks with guns.  He walked up to the gunmen, looked them in the eye, pointed to a child and said, I am leaving with that one.  A statement, not a question.  He then picked up the child without saying another word and walked out.  He returned into the building, walked up to the gunmen, and said, now I am taking that one.  He walked out with all the children one at a time.  During his candidacy, he told the people he would make large changes, and that they would be hard.  He won, He did, and his ratings have suffered.  Nobody likes doing the hard thing.

Obama is a panderer.  He plays in images, not reality.  It was easy for him to say he disagreed with Sarkozy’s decision.  Way to go Nicholas.  We saved your country from fascists for a good reason.

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