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    Wanna Get God into the Schools? Update.

    I want to thank all for their suggestions about how better to handle material like this, expecially civil_truth. What did I mean in the home post?  Well, Obama was a hook, not the story.  But just the hook is something to ponder on.  There’s a lot in that piece to chew on, which can be good or bad .  Regarding Obama, Judeo-Christian religion tells us to beware of | Read More »

    Wal-Mart Versus Civil War Monument

    “Proposed development of a 144,000-square-foot Wal-Mart on land outside the Wilderness Battlefield in Locust Grove, Va., threatens the area near a monument that honors…” Big Bag of Wind has a great response today.  I would add that instead of whining to the State Legislature, why don’t they outbid Wal-Mart for the private land?


    Rev. Al Getting His Fat Share

    I don’t blame Reverend Al for this as much as Middlebury College.  It seems that the Vermont school that really puts the liberal in liberal arts has invited Reverend Al Sharpton to speak next month. Known for his rhetoric that isn’t quite yet post-racial, Reverend Al is not a surprising choice for Middlebury College.  Except that they’re paying him $40,000 for the brief appearance.  At a time | Read More »

    Inauguration Promises to Be Green

    It’s not easy being green.  Especially with two million people coming.  They’ll recycle a few things, no doubt.  They’ll do just enough to get some green p.r.  But the Inauguration is going to leave a large carbon footprint, what with all the celebrities showing up in their private jets and SUVs. And it’s not easy being green during a recession either.  The voluntary carbon trade | Read More »


    [I hate calling-out diaries.]

    [They’re generally uninteresting to the rest of our readership, encourage a tone that I don’t like to see, and yea, indeed, do drive down other people’s diaries.  As near as I can tell, there’s nothing actually pernicious about Big Bag of Wind itself, but comments on this are now closed.  – Moe Lane]

    Are You a Blue State Refugee?

    From today’s Big Bag of Wind: “Would you like to just leave your blue state? Sometimes I would. Or are you really only just ready to give up arguing with your neighbors? And can you write?  Well, then reach out to like-minded people on the web. And break out of the hostile environment in which your ideas are received.” BBOW is auctioning off the domain | Read More »

    Sanders Nation

    Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is a screamer.  A rabid, frothing-at-the-mouth, wild-eyed, arm waving screamer.  But The Nation is calling him their “Most Valuable Progressive.”  Progressive?  Sure.  Valuable?  Who are they kidding?  Maybe the most volatile progressive.  That would be an MVP award more appropriate for him. As a House member of 16 years, what piece of legislation did he ever get passed?  He got the post office in | Read More »

    Moonbeam’s At It Again

    Moonbeam’s at it again.   California Attorney General Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown is working to fudge the California Constitution to fit his politics.  At first, he said he’d follow the state’s Constitution and the will of the voters.  Then he discovered the “Declaration of Rights” clause in it.  Proposition 8, he has declared, is a violation of “fundamental rights.” Okay, well what about the fundamental rights of | Read More »

    Howard Dean: “Genius” With No Portfolio

    First he thought maybe Chief of Staff?  But that went to Rahm.  Then maybe he was going to be Secretary of Health and Human Sevices.  But that went to Tom.  Then the talk was about him becoming Surgeon General.  Well, for now, he’s talking about traveling to Europe.  Looks like it will be with no official portfolio. For his “50 state” strategy, Dean has been called | Read More »

    What is Harry Thinking?

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid appears not to know his constitutional law very well. Of course he’s going to seat Roland Burris. Apparently, he just doesn’t realize it yet. When Blagojevich’s predecessor, George Ryan, was governor, and his administration was rocked by scandal,he too made some important decisions. He picked death row inmates to commute their sentences.   As Bigbagofwind points out, nobody suggested then that these inmates should be executed | Read More »