The Three Letters: Obama version

    One fine sunny day President Barack Obama was sitting behind his desk studiously writing on some envelopes when Vice President Joe Biden walked in. “What’s up big dawg,” quipped the veep. “Oh, hi Joe. I’m just working on my three letters,” replied the President. Joe took a step back and looked around before closing the door to the oval office, “you mean it’s not an | Read More »

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    So THAT’S Where the $2 Billion For Brazilion Oil Came From!

    Click for larger image How nice it is to know that our President made a promise to Ohio and then broke it to give the money to foreigners.

    CT Superintendents of Schools says those who oppose Obama school speech are CRAZY!!!!

    I just got this in an email form my local school: TO: Superintendents of Schools FROM: Mark K. McQuillan, Commissioner DATE: September 4, 2009 SUBJECT: President’s Speech to Students on September 8th Some of Connecticut’s school districts have been receiving calls from parents and others about the upcoming Web-based speech that President Barack Obama plans to deliver to the nation’s students at noon on Tuesday, | Read More »

    Obama’s Americans

    Recalling a placid event he held in New Hampshire on Tuesday, the president said: “that reflects America a lot more than what we’ve seen covered on television for the last few days.” Obama slams TV over health care “ruckus” It’s so wonderful to know that President Obama considers pre-screened members of the public to be more reflective of what’s going on in America than actual | Read More »

    When is a Coup Not a Coup?

    How about when it is constitutional? TRANSLATION – Article 239.- The citizen that has been the head of the Executive Branch cannot be President or Vice-President again. Whoever violates this law or proposes its reform, as well as those that support such violation directly or indirectly, will immediately cease in their functions and will be unable to hold any public office for a period of | Read More »