Mr. Hogan

    Mr. Hogan

    Readers of RedState may know that I was a regular front-page contributor for a while before life, circumstance and the good Lord took me, and my place in our larger fight for freedom and in defense of the American way of life to different places. I remain an active reader – and, shall we say, facilitator for other writers. Many have wondered why I write | Read More »

    My Favorite Easter

    Today is my 39th Easter. And it will always be my favorite Easter. I have had some blessed ones in the past. Childhood memories of Easter baskets, corsages for mom, Gospel tunes at church… Memories of the Easter Parade along Monument Avenue in Richmond, Virginia – Easter bonnets and a throwback to an older time… I remember the many Easter weekends that coincide with the | Read More »

    One Network, Under Secular Elitism

    * UPDATE, NBC “Apologizes” (Fairly pathetic one I might add – notice what is missing from the “apology?”): The NBC crew (I believe it was Dan Hicks) just announced that “We began our coverage of this final round just about 3 hours ago, and when we did, it was our intent to begin the coverage of this U.S. Open Championship with a feature that captured | Read More »

    On Will and Kate

    Many on the right are critical of the fawning over the Royal wedding ceremony for Prince William and his bride, Kate, broadcast around the globe today. They point to the American Revolution and our endeavors to shed the tyranny of the Crown, and they mock the stodginess of the Royals while noting the irony of several failed marriages among the recent crop from the House | Read More »

    Republican “Austerity”

    So, let me get this straight… After all the back and forth, pledges, promises, tough fiscal talk and discussions of shutdown… Republicans have agreed to pass another short term CR with a few billion dollars in cuts – all being jammed through tonight by voice vote and basically sight-unseen (classic Washington transparency). This to get us to next week. Then, Republicans are likely going to | Read More »

    Senate Wants to Punt Constitutional Duty to Advise and Consent

    Does anyone in Washington understand the concept of reading your job description and then doing your job? Apparently the esteemed members of the U.S. Senate – including both Republican and Democrat leadership – do not. You see, they would rather have time to meddle further in the lives of Americans than in performing their constitutionally prescribed duty to advise and consent to Presidential nominees. As | Read More »

    The Republican Message on Spending Matters

    Rumor has it that House GOP freshmen and the conservative Republican Study Committee (RSC) led by Jim Jordan beat the snot out of House Republican leadership and that the leadership is working on getting to $100 billion in cuts. If that happens, it is great news – but there remains a big problem. The problem is that by being so timid, Republicans are making their | Read More »

    “Right Now, Not Next Year, But Now”

    Congressional Republicans are breaking their pledge to cut spending “right now, not next year, but now.” Yet, the editors of National Review today, while swooning over the latest budget proposal of Paul Ryan (R-WI), lauded the House GOP for an “actual honest-to-God reduction in federal outlays of $32 billion.” How about we take a look at this with an honest-to-God perspective and the ability to | Read More »

    Just Cut It Already

    Many of us didn’t even like the Republican “Pledge” to America. But there they were, those bastions of Republican leadership promising this and that (because what we need from politicians are more promises). Well, they promised to save $100 billion in spending in the first year. But suddenly, they’re debating what the definiton of the word “year” is, and whether we should “annualize” the cuts | Read More »

    Ted Cruz Makes it a New Game for U.S. Senate in Texas

    This morning, former Texas Solicitor General Ted Cruz announced via a blogger conference call that he is a candidate for the United States Senate. This is great news. Really great news. It is great news for those of us who recognize the need for new leadership in our nation, and the need to elect actual, proven, limited government, Constitution-respecting conservatives – especially from states like | Read More »

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