Rush is on the tear this morning! Thank you Rush!

    Rush has spent almost an hour talking about Delaware Senate race. I love his passion. He tore a new one to Karl and did not hold back. He is totally right on the central issue for this transformational election of 2010. Senate majority with RINOs will bring us a defeat in 2 election cycles. If as the so called “Pundits” think that Chirstine will not | Read More »


    Afghanistan learns lesson from US and Tim Geithner

    Karzai’s brother calls for U.S. to shore up Kabul Bank as withdrawals accelerate Afterall all that TARP money has to find some place to go!

    Where can we follow the election results today?

    Fellow Red Staters, Does anyone know where you can follow the election results of SC, UT, and other primaries?

    Obama turns on glamour for Mexico state dinner

    In these days of nearly 17.5% unemployment, no job growth and loss of more than 4.5 million jobs, soaring deficits of Trillions of dollars do we want our money spent on lavish and glamorous State dinners? I think Barak Hussein Obama and Michelle Obama are enjoying too much of the trappings and perks of the office. As taxpayers we do want our Chief Executive to | Read More »


    Call to Action to All Republican Senators to deny Kagan

    John Gizzi in Human Events Daily Events has an excellent article on a 6 point plan to stop the nomination of Elena Kagan for the life time appointment to the Supreme Court by Mike Hammond. Here is the 6 points: 1. Oppose Cloture on Anything—“The Way We Did in 1990” 2. End Business As Usual—“Obama is Not FDR” 3. Recognize Kagan Could Be Deciding Vote on Obamacare | Read More »

    Should GOP delay SCOTUS nomination to replace Justice Stevens beyond Nov. Election? I say Yes.

    Since the SCOTUS appointment is a life time appointment and considering that BO will appoint a most radical person to raplace the retiring Justice Stevens, I think GOP should delay and use every parliamentary maneuvers at its disposal. In light of how they have ram roded the HC Bill many Senators and Congressmen had promised all out legislative war on all new policy initiatives and | Read More »

    Brown wins Martha concedes

    Brown by 7%, huray!

    Scott Brown v/s Martha Coakley C Span debate

    I saw part of the debate on C Span this evening. I thought Scott Brown knocked it out of the park and constantly hammer her on her tax and spend on Cap and Trade (tax) or Health Care, cutting $500 billion from Medicare, KSM trial in NYC and its cost of $500 million etc. In my opinion he clearly won the debate hands down. I | Read More »

    Ultimate Irony

    Wouldn’t it be the ultimate irony and revenge if Teddy Kennedy’s Senate seat is captured by a Republican who provides the 41st vote for the filibuster and defeat the “Health Care Takeover” by the Federal Govt. Teddy Kennedy’s life long dream of Nationalizing health care and a single payer system going up in smoke. I would like nothing better. It will be interesting tomorrow morning | Read More »

    Obama and Our Post-Modern Race Problem

    Mr. Obama won the presidency by achieving a symbiotic bond with the American people: He would labor not to show himself, and Americans would labor not to see him. As providence would have it, this was a very effective symbiosis politically. And yet, without self-disclosure on the one hand or cross-examination on the other, Mr. Obama became arguably the least known man ever to step into the American presidency.

    Read More »