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    Donald Trump – Unfit for Commander in Chief

    Donald Trump - Unfit for Commander in Chief

    I have not been a prolific writer for the last few years, so I probably need to reintroduce myself.  I served in the Army Reserve for 10 years and spent more than two years overseas in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and later Operation New Dawn.  I fought for what I believed in and have no regrets, but being in war means seeing things you cannot un-see and | Read More »

    MN CD-6 Candidate First Look – John Pederson

    Question: Obamacare?   John Pederson’s Answer: Repeal it. Michele Bachmann(R – Minn.) has announced that she is not running for reelection, and because of her high national profile, there is a lot of interest about who will replace her. Let me introduce you to John Pederson. He is part owner of Amcon Block, a concrete and masonry company in Saint Cloud, MN and has an MBA. | Read More »

    Memorial Day 2012 – Freedom is not Free

    Memorial Day is one of the holiest of days to a veteran, regardless of creed. It is a solemn day, a day of remembrance. It is a day to appreciate what was given and mourn losses. It is a day to count our blessings that this is not our holiday. It is a day to revel in the freedoms we have. In 2012, our liberties | Read More »

    Candidate Interview: Pete Hegseth (R CAND, MN-SEN PRI)

    From the diaries. Pete Hegseth – Decorated Combat Veteran, Executive Director of Vets for Freedom, U.S. Senate Candidate, Patriot Pete Hegseth, who is running for the GOP endorsement for U.S. Senate in MN, was kind enough to sit down and provide his valuable time for an interview. In the interest of time, I edited the interview down, but was careful to keep the core of | Read More »

    Rick Perry endorses Pete Hegseth(SEN PRI, MN)

    Any of the delegates/alternates in Minnesota still on the fence about who to support for U.S. Senate at the state convention received a lot of help today in making that decision.  Governor Rick Perry, a favorite presidential candidate among conservative activists (who had an admittedly troubled campaign),  came forward today to endorse Pete Hegseth.  As many who follow me may recall, I was very vocal | Read More »

    Pete Hegseth for Senate(MN)

    The Minnesota State GOP Convention is on May 18th-19th and Pete Hegseth needs your help. Due to the interesting political landscape in Minnesota, the primary is more of an afterthought than a deciding factor.  In Saint Cloud at the convention, the delegates will vote to endorse one of the Senate candidates.  The votes are taken and retaken as necessary until one candidate receives 60% of | Read More »

    A veteran, conservatism, and MN Senate

    Most non-Minnesotans have a certain view of our political situation.  When Minnesota and politics come together in a conversation, the following names and phrases come to mind – Jesse Ventura, Al Franken, Mark Dayton, Paul Wellstone, and voted Democrat in presidential elections since 1972.  People forget that we also have had Rod Grams as Senator, numerous Republican governors, and currently have Michele Bachmann and Phil | Read More »

    MN SEN – I’d like a side of delicious irony

    CPT Pete Hegseth is a man of courage and honor. He has served with the United States Army in Iraq, Afghanistan, and at Guantanamo Bay. He was one of the dominant faces of Vets for Freedom. VFF was composed of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans who worked diligently to urge congress, particularly after Democrats took control in 2006, to support the effort in Iraq.   VFF also | Read More »

    Only One

    Cross-posted at There are currently five major candidates running for President:  Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum.  Who is in the lead or mostly likely to win has changed from time to time, and it may or may not change again.  However, of those five – Only one candidate voluntarily joined the military and proudly wore the uniform. Rick | Read More »

    Rick Perry for Commander in Chief

    As I have stated before, I am a full-spectrum conservative.  I believe in common-sense, Constitutional conservatism based on the “three-legged stool” – fiscal, social, and national defense conservatism.  All three of those legs are important, but my heart is especially with the national defense concerns. Many long time Redstate readers know me from the posts I started writing on my first deployment.  Some of you | Read More »