BREAKING: CBO scores Senate Bill

    Fox News is reporting that the Congressional Budget Office has scored the Senate Health Care bill at a cost of $849 billion. The CBO also estimated it would cut the federal deficit by $127 billion over the first 10 years and as much as $650 billion over the next 10 years – while reducing the number of uninsured by 31 million over the decade (, 2009). Here is the link | Read More »

    10.2% Unemployment Rate is Just the Beginning

    The simplistic way to approach today’s Unemployment Report would be to simply point the finger. Certainly, that would be the logical reaction to what this president and his congress have done to the American economy. 10.2% unemployment is bad enough for the country and its workers. However, a deeper investigation into the Department of Labor’s reports this week uncovers a more disturbing trend that spells | Read More »

    Circa 2009: 440,800 (and counting) Added to the Unemployment Lines

    The federal government is a wasteful web of deceit. Never before in the history of modern civilization has such an inherently irresponsible representative republic been allowed to damage so many salient economic facets of the lives of its citizenry. That any significant portion of the electorate would support handing such a significant sector of the American economy to the same bureaucracy that has systematically corrupted every financial institution it has dared to | Read More »