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    We’ve Discovered Who Advises Obama

    There has been mounting criticism from all but the few supporters of the Obama administration about the slow to non-existent reaction of Obama to events in the middle east.  While quick to condemn our democratic Israeli allies, Obama barely pays lip service to the struggles of many thousands of protestors in several dictator run countries.  How can such a president be so slow to react? Well, any president relying | Read More »


    Supreme Court Victory for Anti-Gay, Anti-Military Protestors

    Westboro Church, which claims to be Christian and and Baptist while carrying signs wishing death on US Servicemen and homosexuals, has won an 8-1 decision in the US Supreme Court.  This case began when a grieving father tried to hold a Christian funeral for his son, a military man killed in combat.  Members of the Westboro Church showed up with signs with slurs about “Fags” | Read More »

    Daniels Flips in Less than 24 hours – Now Attacking Dems!

    I’m getting pretty dizzy watching Daniels flip on this issue.  A few hours ago Fox News reported that the Indiana Right to Work legislation had been pulled, giving private sector unions and democrats a major victory.  This is because democrats allowed a deadline to pass by refusing to show up to vote.  Republicans decided they couldn’t extend the deadline (which doesn’t require the democrats to be | Read More »

    Daniels, Unions, and Absent Legislators Score a Victory For The Left.

    Well, Governor Daniels was too timid to follow in the footsteps of real conservative leaders like Walker of WI and Christie of NJ.  According to Fox News, Indiana Right to Work is dead in Indiana. Despite the hard work of a majority of representatives and senators in Indiana’s general assembly, and despite the promises made on the campaign trail, the conservatives in the capitol have | Read More »

    Flash News! Obama Justice Dept. to STOP defending traditional marriage in federal courts!

    This just came across FoxNews, and I suspect that the RS front page will pick it up soon after this post. From a FOX NEWS breaking report: WASHINGTON — The Obama administration says it will no longer defend the constitutionality of a federal law that bans recognition of same-sex marriage.  In a statement Wednesday, Attorney General Eric Holder says President Obama has concluded that the | Read More »

    I’m no president.

    I’m not the president, and I never will be.  I understand that it takes an awful lot of education, experience, wealth, friends, social status, and luck to become a president.  I’m sure I wouldn’t do a great job, and I’d have to quickly surround myself with people who knew much more than me. But I do have a sense of what’s right.  Our president doesn’t | Read More »

    Not All-In on Daniels

    Let’s get one thing out of the way.  I love Mitch Daniels. When my democrat father-in-law drives around with his “Ditch Mitch” bumper sticker, and my former peers in education (and current ones in law enforcement) moan about the governor’s draconian governing style, I know Mitch is doing something right. I’ve voted for Mitch Daniels, and would vote for him as president if he were the | Read More »

    Urgent Flash! NM (D) Sen to retire!

    Bingaman (D NM) was a safe seat for democrats.  He is now out of the 2012 race.  Source. The seat goes from safe Dem to toss-up at worst.  It is more likely “likely” republican at this point.  Many republicans have talked about Heather Wilson (former congresswoman) as a strong potential, with a couple of businessmen in the mix as well. The 2012 senate race is | Read More »; Prank Article or Serious?

    As a geek hobby I follow US Senate election races.  I’ve thought of setting up a blog about the subject, and spend many hours each week looking at polls and reading whatever I can find about each race.  That’s why I followed a link at to an article at about two upcoming races.  (It’s here if you want to read it). What I read was so | Read More »

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    Republicans Score Big in Indiana!

    Lost during the news of the IL and FL primaries was a major news leak in the state of Indiana.  Conservatives, recently sent reeling when conservative leader and congressman Mike Pence announced he would not run against Sen. Bayh, have received news that has energized the base.  Former Senator Dan Coates has decided to come out of retirement and run for the Bayh seat. Not | Read More »