I grew up in the Reagan years, went to college and then moved to Europe. I was political prior to living the "progressive" dream, but became even more involved after experiencing frustrating strikes and maddening 'green' time-outs. My Italian life inspired my book 'The Absentee Ballot' which I call the anti-socialist manifesto. My everyday European experiences forewarn what's coming to America. I love RedState, NRO's the Corner, the Telegraph, golf, American football, basketball, good food, wine, and unequivocally unapologetic Conservatives.


    China spies and why U.S can’t cry

    What could possibly be more troubling than a handshake with Chavez or bow to a Saudi king? The notion that we are borrowing trillions from a country who continues to steal state secrets. From today’s Wall St. Journal: WASHINGTON — Computer spies have broken into the Pentagon’s $300 billion Joint Strike Fighter project — the Defense Department’s costliest weapons program ever — according to current | Read More »