Hollywood Delenda Est

    I wanted to see the new movie “Thor”.  I’m excited about comic-book movies nowadays, much more than fifteen years ago, when they were the hit-or-miss-but-mostly-miss kind of fare you dreaded to see adapted to the silver screen. But I didn’t see “Thor”.  And I probably won’t.   Why? Because I realized how much Hollywood hates me.   They hate me for who I am.  They | Read More »

    Mend Thy Own Spirit, Michelle

    “It means all the world to us to know that there are prayer circles out there and people who are keeping the spirits clean around us.” These are the words of First Lady Michelle Obama on the Tom Joyner Morning Show on October 13. I don’t know about you, Michelle, but the only spirits I see gathering around you are those that are telling you two to stop the | Read More »

    The Acceptable Racism

    A recent Gallup poll taken showed support among non-Hispanic African-Americans to be 91%, a sharp difference from the rest of the public.  Even among Democrats, support for the President clocks in around 79%. It’s enough to make you hit your head against a wall. I understand all too much the mentally that goes into this support among African-Americans.  As a young black man growing up, it was still common to be told that the system | Read More »

    RightNetwork Is the Latest Warning Shot to the MSM

    Long ago, Matt Drudge fired the first warning shot to mainstream media.  Sure, there had been plenty of others who had criticized the liberal bent of the MSM, but none got as much attention as Matt Drudge did back in 1998 with the breaking Monica Lewinsky scandal.  Since then, dozens of bloggers and media mavens have graced the web with their incisive commentary on the state of | Read More »

    Not Getting It

    You know, I never understood President Obama’s so-called “credentials” to run the country.  Sarah Palin was criticized as an idiot, an imbecile, and unfit for public office.  But BHO, well, he’s graduated from Columbia and Harvard.  He must be smart enough, or so we’ve been told.  But when I hear things like this, ti makes me realize this guy is pretty much as dumb as a President | Read More »

    You’re Not Stupid… You’re Just Childish

    Once again, liberalism rears its ugly, condescending head and tries to turn its Ritalin-deficient focus on the American electorate.  This time, it’s Eugene Robinson of The Washington Post, offering up his assessment of the American voting public.  The good news?  We ballot-casting citizens are not imbecilic rubes anymore.  The bad news?  Now we’re the kid at Toys R’Us who won’t stop screaming until Mommy gets him his toy.  You know the kind I’m talking about. So The Washington Post shows us, | Read More »

    Moderates and Independents – The Faux Intelligentsia

    Liberals never seem to be shy about their intentions.  Conservatives always know what liberals really mean, but too often it’s the “moderates” and “independents” who are the clueless ones.  For example, whenever I bring up Rush Limbaugh to a certain group of people, they immediately point out his past prescription painkiller addiction and write him off as a demagogue.  Mind you, they never actually listen to | Read More »

    Defeating the Dems – A New Strategy

    To be honest, I’m certain what I am about to say is not “new”, but something that needs to be said.  It’s all well and good by try9ing to defeat the Democratic Party at the ballot box.  But there is a problem, an insidious one that will prevent them from realizing the full force of their hubris: the Media. The Media has covered for the | Read More »

    Bergeron Comes Alive

    Kurt Vonnegut’s short story, Harrison Bergeron, is a wonderful but chilling tale. It is about a society where everyone is equal. Not just equal in status, but equal in ability. No one is too “gifted”. Too intelligent? You get a mental handicap. Too athletic? Physical handicap for you. Too beautiful for society? The government has to ugly you up a bit. Eventually, the titular character | Read More »

    No One “Gets Along” With His Own Demise: Why 2010 Must Be The Year Of Misbehaving

    In the last week, we heard Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) lamely invoke the words of Rodney King in imploring the GOP and Democrats to “get along” to pass the so-called health care reform. This sounds like a great idea. Who doesn’t want to get along and work together? Who could be against that? I’ll tell you: me. Not because I have an aversion to working | Read More »