Time To Reconsider the Coalition

    I would respectfully point out that what this election demonstrates is that the Reagan coalition which has more or less been able to put together a governing national majority since 1980 (but barely at any time) is becoming less and less viable. The combination of Republican party faithful, evangelicals and conservative democrats is no longer getting the job done. the reality is that coalitions are living things. | Read More »

    Coalitions Are Not Forever

    The Emerging Picture of Barak Obama

    We see- possibly too late- an emerging picture of Barak H. Obama.The picture is of a man committed to changing the Constitution to empower the Courts to determine our rights, instead of defending them.Of a man who is completely willing to run a campaign that engages in massive internet money laundering.Of a man who is committed to the destruction of basic American industries.Of a man | Read More »

    Obama and Al Sadr On Same Side

    So we know that Obama was secretly interfering with efforts to strengthen Iraq. He was pressuring the Iraqi government to refuse long term security relations with the US. That the press is so corrupt as to just gloss this over is another issue.The issue is that the Obamatons, while we are distracted on the convenient financial mess, have no plan to do what so many | Read More »

    The democrat Real Plan for America

    The mask is slipping a bit.Biden, like Obama, can only pose as a moderate for just so long.The pose is failing: ‘hope’ these bloviating clowns wish to inflict on America is ‘hope’ to outlaw Conservatives and Patriots.The ‘change’ they want to inflict on us is to use the power of the Federal government to make it permanent. Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin are not only | Read More »

    Is Obama’s Ego Infinite Or Merely Unimited?

    It is not enough for Barak to tell a room full of democrats in the Capitol that he is the new Messiah. He must not just tell the millions on TV. It is not enough to set a ‘new tone’ by filling a stadium of fans (and test the limits of good security and common sense). No. The empty suit needs a toy temple. And | Read More »

    Now is the time to rev up Rezko ad is the perfect opportunity to reintroduce the voters to Obama’s pal, Tony [convicted of mortgage fraud] Rezco.Remember, Tony commited felonies helping his pal, the Obama’s get their house.You know, if the McCain’s were worth 5X what they are worth, they would almost be worth Obama’s best Senate friend, John Kerry.If the McCain’s owned mansions in Italy, Martha’s Vinyard and new York, they could | Read More »

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