Tancredo Rally Notes – 10/29

    Just returned from a Tom Tancredo rally in Longmont, CO. Note that Longmont is in Boulder County, one of the few places left where there are still plenty of Obama ’08 bumper stickers. The rally was held at the VFW hall on Main. There were about 60 people seated and twice that many again standing around the walls. To put this in context, we’ve had | Read More »

    Thoughts on PPP’s 10/23 CO Governor’s Race Poll

    PPP released a new poll today on the Colorado Governor’s race. While I’m no expert on dissecting polls, I would like to share some thoughts. PPP is the official Pollster for Dailykos. To my mind, that implies some bias. You can decide for yourself if this is a factor. Note that the Denver Post has also come out with a poll which is so partisan | Read More »