Rush Limbaugh Is Not My Savior

    RedState’s leader and my friend, Erick Erickson, wrote a piece today titled “The Peter Principle”, in which he compares Peter’s thrice denial of Christ to Republicans who dismiss the views of Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, and Dick Cheney. Cheney was at least an elected leader. The others are not. Rush Limbaugh is not my savior. He is neither my savior for my personal spiritual needs, | Read More »

    Krugman Again Proves The Nobel Committee Clueless; Isakson Demonstrates Markets Do Work

    From the diaries, by Erick. Today’s New York Times features Paul Krugman continuing his role in Obama propaganda machine while pretending to be an Economist. In today’s installment of “I have a Nobel, so I must know Economics”, Krugman lashes out at “The Destructive Center”. Before I spend a few paragraphs taking issue with Krugman’s direct points, I think we first have to reflect on | Read More »

    The Credit Crunch Is The New Health Care Crisis

    Cross-Posted from Erick’s other little blog, Southern Regional Medical Center is not the only hospital on Atlanta’s South side dealing with the credit crisis and slow economy.   Piedmont Healthcare, operators of Piedmont Hospital in Buckhead, Piedmont Fayette in Fayetteville, Piedmont Mountainside in Jasper, and Piedmont Newan Hospital in Newnan, has halted the construction of their new Newnan campus to replace the aging facilities they currently | Read More »

    Does Barack Obama Want To Keep Saxby Chambliss In The Senate?

    There are a lot of easy to explain reasons why Barack Obama probably won’t come to Georgia to campaign on behalf of his newest best friend, Jim Martin. (I say newest because former Senate opponent and DeKalb county CEO Vernon Jones is still taking great pains to point out that Jim Martin voted for John Edwards in the Georgia Presidential Preference Primary, even though Edwards | Read More »

    3AM Text Message Results From Obama’s Bungled First 3AM Call

    Republicans got the rarest of 3 a.m. phone calls this morning: One that contains good news. The problems of Joe Biden as a candidate have already been well documented at RedState. He is the sound bite that doesn’t stop giving. Ads are already prepared with Biden pointing out the need for Obama to have on the job training. But for a candidate that has generally | Read More »