The Bill Bolling I Know

    Given the ongoing debacle over Virginia’s presidential primary ballot, I imagine that the only knowledge many of my fellow RedStaters may have of Virginia’s Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling is that he is Mitt Romney’s state campaign chairman and a gubernatorial rival to Tea Party favorite and fighter of Obamacare Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli. Neither of these items are likely to endear him to the RedState | Read More »

    $20.20 for 20-20

    Rick Perry gained a supporter tonight. I’ll be upfront and say that I was leaning his direction already. As much as I’m drawn to Herman Cain’s candor and optimism, the past three years have made me rather wary of electing a president with a dearth of political experience. Newt Gingrich has a veritable graveyard in his closet, and I’m troubled by some of his past | Read More »

    Don’t Abandon The Fight: Two Weeks To Go In Critical Virginia State Senate Races

    Elections matter. Here at RedState, we pride ourselves on covering, not just the grand political narratives of the day, but the smaller yet no less crucial battles that take place at the state and local level. One of the great-untold stories (at least by the mainstream media) of the 2010 midterms was the tremendous sweep of state legislatures by the GOP, driven by the Tea | Read More »

    Is “999” The GOP’s Obamacare?

    TheSophist’s recent diary on Herman Cain’s “9-9-9 Plan” for reforming the tax code showcased a lot of great arguments made by those both for and against the plan. It is clear from reading the diary and the comments that this is a vital conversation to have, and the kind of discussion this forum was founded to promote. I happen to come down against 9-9-9, for | Read More »

    Some Concerns About The Increasing Incivility @ RedState

    My name is Michael Gannon, and I’ve been reading and contributing to RedState since shortly after the 2004 election (my current user name is Icythus, and my old name and history, MichaelG, got lost in one of the switch-overs a few years back). I immediately fell in love with the website, and indeed the RedState community. Though for a good length of time I have | Read More »