Obama vs Palin vs Quayle

    Click to enlarge: The Obama campaign can be dismissive of the number of people in Palin’s leadership positions, but at least she had some leadership positions. Obama legislating for a small section of Chicago isn’t the same job as Palin managing a government for a small city. Running a State, even with a small population is still more leadership than Obama’s similarly short years in | Read More »

    Clinton, Kerry, and Biden Lie for Obama

    As a Clinton backer in the 90’s… I’m pretty amazed at the irony of last night’s security line up… A president, a Senator and former presidential candidate, and now a Senator and current VP candidate who all argued for unilateral military action against Iraq, noting France and Russia would never support us, because of the threat they posed with their WMDs… whining about McCain support | Read More »

    Hillary Digs by Omission

    Hillary did everything she was expected to do. But the most interesting part of her convention speech last night was what she left out, some might think intentionally… From CNN: (CNN) — Sen. Hillary Clinton may have endorsed Sen. Barack Obama for president in a speech at the Democratic National Convention Tuesday night, but Sen. John McCain’s campaign said she stopped short of saying that | Read More »

    NOW Demands Obama Mentor Resignation

    Great timing. On the eve of the ‘unity’ convention for the democratic party, Obama’s political mentor (yeah, another crazy mentor… noticing a pattern yet?) attacked a Hillary supporter, witnesses confirm, with a racist insult. NOW of Illinois is demanding his resignation: DENVER — The chief of Illinois’ National Organization for Women chapter today called on Barack Obama’s “political godfather” to resign immediately from the Illinois | Read More »